Days of Future Past Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 4

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I'm just glad to have Berry and Sy. This film was getting a bit white washed for a second.
I'm still waiting for Bryan Singer to tweet Halle Berry's comeback.

I hope he announces more this month.
the jack the giant slayer score is phenomenal everyone should give it a listen so i really hope ottman is scoring
i like this track has a very x men sound in the beginning
I'm just glad to have Berry and Sy. This film was getting a bit white washed for a second.

Aye, yes it was. Hopefully they will stay alive in the film for more than 15 minutes. :funny:
I'm still waiting for Bryan Singer to tweet Halle Berry's comeback.

I hope he announces more this month.

Since he's been tweeting the return of the old cast's names in doubles and triples (with the exception of Hugh), I think he may sandwich her announcement with that of 1 or 2 other big names.

I do wonder if January Jones is returning. She did nothing for me as Emma Frost (Alice Eve was born for the role) so I can't say I'll be disappointed if he skips her altogether. However, I won't be terribly upset if he does cast January either. I love her as an actress, just not as the White Queen.
eI just don't want any recasting. If Emma will be in this, it's Jones or none.
I want Rose Byrne and Halle Berry back, I hope those are 2 announcements that happen.
Ha so she was bland. They can't recast...not in the big continuity saving picture...
The thing is if they bring in Alice Eve, for continuity purposes, she would have to have an American accent.... >.<
Who's Alice Eve??


The actress originally cast as Emma in First Class. She dropped out.
I'm watching The Last Stand on TV at the minute here in the UK and it's funny that you can work out where bits and pieces of that early script review were, and then changed.

You can almost pinpoint the Wolverine/Storm shag.

Rogue going undercover with the brotherhood was obviously set up with her leaving the mansion (everyone assuming she was getting cured) but would actually be in Magneto's forest camp, which got given to Wolverine when Anna couldn't commit to a big filming schedule. Which then meant poor Rogue did actually go and get cured.

Also what is the consensus on the CGI during all of the third act? Is it just me who thinks it's actually quite poor considering the budget?
Yeah. I was expecting a flaming aura around jean, but did we get that? no. we never saw her actually rise out of the water. can tell this movie was rushed in a poorly manner because of what went on behind the production. I wish Singer didn't leave.
Yeah. He can redeem Jean by bringing her back with the full Phoenix bird. It would just mean Dark Phoenix in the film-verse doesn't have it, instead is a zombie.
I heard rumors that fox didn't want jean and scott in the that true as well?
I have no idea, probably. If they didn't want Scott and Jean, they should have saved Dark Phoenix for another film and just focused on the cure story. Scott could be in the beginning and drive away in depression. Jean is still dead. X4, BAM Jean rises, Scott returns.
I heard that on the boards here a long time ago Fox didn't want either of them in the movie and Singer kept pushing them to include them in. I guess it got so worse that it pissed off Singer so much that he took Marsden with him to do Superman. but it also pissed off Fox too and Tom Rothman wanted to have X3 beat Superman at the box office. so it kinda makes sense in a way of what happened.

Im so glad Fox fired Rothman. he seemed like the biggest bully to Singer and to everything that is X-Men. It'll be interesting to hear from the actors of what really went on...I'd like to hear it from James and Famke of what they thought about their roles and how they felt when they lost Singer as their director
I dont think there was bad blood from the actors on X3. Even Singer and Ratner are friends.
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