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Burton's Batman 3: My Screenplay/Novel Project


Jul 29, 2010
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Hey guys, before I begin this post, I'd like to point out that Mister Meddle is doing something very similar, and I wish him all the luck!! His thread can be found here:


With that said, this has been a passion project of mine for a couple of years now. I've been totally geeking out on it, taking it way too seriously, and going beyond what we'd use as a throwaway term "Fan Fiction". This project has been consuming my life.

To make a long story short, I view this project in the same way that Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire was approached: a totally existing entry in the Star Wars film series, with everything but the actual film made. That's not to say that there would be video games, toys, merchandise, etc., (all in my dreams), but I've had it be my pipe-dream-fantasy-daydream for this to be in the same style as what Shadows of the Empire did.

No, I do not expect WB or DC to see this and buy it immediately and make me a multi-millionaire... This is all for fun. This is all a big, big What If? The Burton movies are a huge part of my life, and it's been my passion (if only for my own eyes or my own amusement) to see it be a trilogy, because I think it deserved to be a trilogy.

Over the next few months (maybe more), I am going to be posting the project bit by bit, titled Batman Remains- and it all takes place approximately 4 years after Batman Returns.

You guys are free to ask me questions, give me criticism, comments, etc. Most of you won't be interested and I totally understand - this is mostly a total geek fan-dream from a guy with too much time on his hands. :woot:

So, to kick things off, I thank you for entering this thread, and taking a chance on...

Thanks for the shout out! This project sounds interesting, definitely am looking forward to it.
Would be interested to know more about the title. Batman Remains makes me think he is dead... like "Batman's Remains."
Would be interested to know more about the title. Batman Remains makes me think he is dead... like "Batman's Remains."

That, yes, and there's a play on words with Batman Forever, as in he will remain forever. I obviously can't use the title Batman Forever, though.:oldrazz:

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