Call Of Duty: Ghosts vs. Battlefield 4


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May 1, 2011
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Okay, so now we've seen both trailers for COD:G and BF4.. Which do you think looks better? Which do you think will dominate?

Personally, I'm gonna go with BF4! It just looks so much more realistic, more fun, more awesome! COD has always looked the same to me. COD:G looks no different than the other games but I've no doubt that at launch, people will be fighting in line to get it.
COD:Ghosts looks great But Battlefield 4 looks way better,I may get both..Although IF I do I'm getting COD mostly for my wife.
****, I voted for COD by mistake!!!
Anyways, yeah BF4 looks unreal. I think COD looks pretty decent. But BF4, The Last Of Us and Watch Dogs are on my agenda this year!
Battlefield definitely looks better.
Two very different styles of online shooters. Why choose only one? :word:

Battlefield finally getting the full player count on consoles will definitely be awesome, though.

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