Can Anyone Help Me Find All The X3 Clips of Rouge Please!



Hi I am major Rogue Fan and i really want to find tha Clips of her In the Danger room and with Bobby etc but i have no idea where i can find tham can anyone please please help me i would be forever greatfull please!

Thank You whoever helps me! Love xsamie X3X3X3X3X3X3X3X3X3X3X3
?????????????????????? please? im a major Rogue lovah/freak
Why is Rogue such a hard name for people to spell? I've lost count of the number of times.
hmm what does that have to do with me asking about Rogue clips?????
xsamie said:
Oh My F**king God! I made a mistake im sooooo sorry!
I'm not getting at you dude. I just find it strange that so many people make that same mistake. :up:
Well you know i never really looked at how her name was spelled
Yup really , that's something i don't understand.

I mean i'm french and rouge mean red here , and each time i see that , i wonder how somebody can write rouge instead of rogue.

i mean rogue mean something in english lol

really i think that will it will stay one of the big mysteries :o lol

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