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Can anyone join me for a laugh if I said Commander Worf's head looks like a fanny?

Alright (Superman), Midnyte Sun, Optimus Prime, Pink Ranger and The Squirrel, on the count of three then...



Commander worf's head looks like a fanny!!!!!
No and I'll just quietly leave this thread....


I don't know what kind of fannies you look at but the ones I do are pretty smooth.
In season 1, he had a big ass head.

How do ridges look like a fanny? Even more, what kind of fannies have you been seeing these days?
Hmm I do believe that due to the localisation of slang for the term fanny is being misinterpreted within this thread

And yes...yes it does.
Are we talking about the British fanny or "what Americans think it means" fanny?
Patti Mayonnaise's head looks like a fanny.
Fanny as in butt or fanny as in vagina?

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