World Carnage Never Dies, v.2

Alright, well that's okay I was just wonderin'. Anyways here's a picture of Ultimate Carnage, I don't really like him that much in the Ultimate universe, but I still do like how Bagley draws him. :up:

Less said about Ultimate Symbiote, the better! Moving on...


From a much-maligned PP:S-M issue, I never got why it was supposed to be so awful. Cletus is not behaving out-of-character... at all.
As promised some scans from Maximum Carnage.It was hard to choose,as this arc is so big,and there are so many cool pics.So I took three that caught my eye.

First off is the meeting of Carnage and Shriek.Every good villain needs a woman by his side now and then.And Carnage is no exception.He couldn't have found a better lady than Shriek even if he tried.

This girl just loves to be bad:


Next we have the first of the many drops of blood that Carnage spills in this arc.The husband in this couple thinks it's safer and easier to drive thru the park.I bet just before he died,he'd wished he had taken Columbus Avenue :)


There's nothing like a family photo.Carnage has fun with his 'wife' and 'kids' :


Again I'll add more later on.There's so many cool images to share.
And lest auld acquaintance be forgot, the infamous, eyebrow-raising, few-holds-barred INFAMOUS BENDIS RANT, circa summer 2005: my response to the idiotic events re Carnage, unleashed in issue #2 of New Avengers....


[nemo commences a horrible bout of cursing, inveighing the wrath of Hell itself upon Bendis, his kith and kin, his current spot as NUMBER ONE WRITER EVERYWHERE!!!!!!, the ground he walks on, the car he drives and other assorted niceties]:

May *two* slipped discs enter his life; and may one of those be a cervical slip. May he get a brand-spankin'-new case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In both hands. May his testosterone levels fall to undetectable levels so he has to go on hormone therapy.... and then the therapy doesn't work. May his larynx atrophy overnight so once, just once in his miserable life he has to ****. Hong-Kong flu comin' your way, pal. A nice whopping case with one of those whooping, agonizing coughs that lingers a month after the other symptoms; one of those coughs where you have episodes so bad you nearly cough yourself into emesis. Yeah. That for him. May the transmission fall OUT of Bendis' car.... in rush-hour traffic, and his cell-phone [which we all know is welded to his head... blabblabblab] battery goes dead at that exact moment too. May he eventually lose his job, and I mean that sincerely. I want him fired, like they did to Mark Waid for no reason, but this time there should BE a reason. Decimation, conflagration, hellivation and damnation: all just for him wrapped up in a nice little package with a big shiny red bow liberally sprinkled with Joker Venom.


Having got that off my chest, I remind myself that no one stays dead long in the comicsverse - nobody. I really am starting to hate this pompous *******, an attitude fuelled by the 4-way interview between him, Millar, Loeb, & Johns in the last issue of Wizard. Nope.... really don't like him.


..... me? Say something antisocial...? Nah, butter would not melt in my mouth :)
Here are some good scans of Carnage in MC....some of my favs.






*A fact from venom4life*

Carnage killed the radio star.

"Music to kill by"

1) Atrocity Exhibition- Joy Division
2) Mein Teil- Rammstein
3) Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums- A Pefect Circle
4) Paint it Black- The Rolling Stones
5) Cannibal Song- Ministry
6) Bodies- Drowning Pool
7) Pretty- Korn
8) Creeping Death- Metallica
9) After the Flesh- My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
10) Gave Up- Nine Inch Nails
11) The Killing Game- Skinny Puppy
I never did buy the whole relationship between Shriek and Carnage. He should work alone.
Symbiotica said:
I have the Wizard "Villains" book that top picture on post #45 is from, it's on the cover and strangely enough, Carnage hardly gets a mention in that book. I think even Venom got like, half a page. Wow. I think freakin' Gorilla Grodd got more discussion than that... that's Wizard for you though, they hate symbiotes and as far as I can see, they always have.

From "Disordered Minds," another great image...


what comic title and number is this from?
Silver Sable said:
what comic title and number is this from?

This is a one shot from 1995 called Spider-Man/Batman.
Savage Judgement is such a great book IMO. Beautiful art, too.

I wish we could revisit Ravencroft these days, we certainly need it. Yes we have criminals at Riker's, but for the real headcases we need a different facility.
Yeah, Ravencroft was a great place to see.
I don't know about you guys,but I thought the art in Venom Vs Carnage was simply beautiful.I've rarely seen a style like it in the comics:


I love how you see Kasady's eye peering out thru the symbiote there.Very creepy it is.I think you had an avvy of that once Sym.


I love that page.Father and son have a little 'chat'.
I used to have an avatar based off that eye :) Thanks, Ock.

While I'm scanning for other threads it never does to neglect one's own. Keep a bad man down? I don't think so, baby. [Actually nobody would be allowed to stay in that kind of pain in hospital, criminal or not.... he'd be tranqued at once if not sooner. It's safer for everyone.]


..... and where is my symbiotic partner in crime Fever these days....? She's lying mighty low, I miss her.
Found this on the old thread.... evidently AOL still has my old page on file, even though we've been gone from there for like, a year now.... they still snail-mail us stuff, begging us to come back. Fat chance....

Taking Heart teaser.... this was a very fun painting to do.

Last but not least: strangulation on home plate at Yankee Stadium. Not unlike Octavius, Carnage has his own ways of daring to dream big :)


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