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Jan 23, 2008
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I've always felt JL New Frontier would make the perfect live action film adaption at this point. Much better than WB's failed attempt to do Justice League on the big screen.

It is a period piece and would not interfere or clash with the solo films. The story is amazing and the animated DVD proved it can translate well into a film. The portrayals of the characters are spot on and shows the evolution of the DCU from the Golden Age to the Silver Age. This would be my main cast:

Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern - Matthew Bomer (5'11) Traveller, Chuck


Detective John Jones/ Martian Manhunter - Dominic Purcell (6'1) Prison Break


Batman - John Hamm (5'11) Mad Men


Barry Allen/ The Flash - Chris Masterson (5'10) can perfectly replicate Neil Patrick Harris' spot-on performance as Flash.


Lois Lane - Keri Russell Mission: Impossible III


Wonder Woman - Jessica Pare (5'9) Wicker Park, Lost and Delirious


Superman - Eion Bailey (6'0) has the perfect classic voice/acting style to pull off the George Reeves Silver Age Superman.


Ace Morgan - Connor Trinneer (5'11) Stargate Atlantis


Aquaman - Kevin McKidd (6'0) Journeyman


Carol Ferris - Jordana Brewster Nearing Grace


Green Arrow - Mike Vogel (5'10) Cloverfield


Iris Allen - Danneel Harris Still Waiting


King Faraday - Mark Harmon Navy NCIS, Chicago Hope

Very good casting. Spot on in relation to New Frontier.
Neil Patrick Harris should stay as the flash.

Neil's 35.

I'd rather Flash be younger in this. The youngest of the group. That's how he's portrayed in the comic and cartoon.

Since this is the beginning of the Silver Age; Batman, Supes and WW are World War II vets and Hal and Barry are the new blood coming on the scene.

Masterson can play it almost exactly like NPH. He's like Neil's younger clone in voice, delivery and appearance.
Superman - Michael O'Hearn.
Batman - Clark Bartram.
Wonder-Woman - Monica Dean.
Flash - Neil Patrick Harris.
Green Lantern - David Boreanaz.
Aquaman - Rusty Joiner.
Martian Manhunter - Doug Jones.
Green Arrow - Mike Voguel.
Lois Lane - Victoria Hill.
Jimmy Olsen - Aaron Ashmore.
Iris West - Isla Fisher.
Carol Ferris - Jordana Brewster.
Red Ryan - Jamie Bell.
Ace Morgan - Kevin Mckid.
Rocky Davis - Kyle Chandler.
June Robbins - Naomi Watts.
Professor Haley - Mathew Boomer.
Adam Strange - Cole Hauser.
Ray Palmer - Mathew Fox.
Captain Nathaniel Adam - Ben Browder.
Hugh Evans - Patrick Wilson.
Jess Bright - Chris Evans.
Karin Grace - Ashley Heart.
Rick Flagg - Thomas Krestchmen.
King Faraday - Fred Dryer.
Gorila Grodd - CGI.
Captain Cold - Vincent Cassel.
The Center - Voice of Clancy Brown.
I think I might choose someone different for King Faraday, not sure who though. Someone more weasily looking.
For Green Lantern why not use David Boreanaz He even looks like the New Frontier Hal.

(I just read the previous post about who should play Green Lantern, Matthew Bomer, and I like your idea better.)

For Ace Morgan I might cast John Schneider


and for Flagg I don't know, but i always imagined him having James Garner's voice. So maybe an actor like him but younger.

Couldn't you see James Garner voicing him?
Great calls on Eion Bailey and Jon Hamm, I honestly can't picture anyone else now. :up:

I'd go with Ed Harris as King Faraday.
Neil's 35.

I'd rather Flash be younger in this. The youngest of the group. That's how he's portrayed in the comic and cartoon.

No, Wally is portrayed as the youngest in the group. Barry is always shown as middle of the pack.
Watch the film or read the comic for New Frontier. Barry comes off as quite young in this.

Makes sense given this is the start of the Silver Age and Barry and Hal are just beginning as Year One heroes.
I think John's too old for it now. But actually the reason I like Conner Trinneer is he also has that classic good old' boy charm in the way he speaks:

(At about 3:25)

Yeah, he is a good choice. Especially since he is younger.
I just mentioned him because when I read New Frontier I imagin John Schneider's voice as Ace Morgan's. I also imagin him as the voice of Captain America too, and sometimes he is the voice of an older Superman.
Another reason I brought him up was because his body type is what I imagined Ace to be like from the comic too. But maybe a few (like 10 or more) years younger.

but Conner is a good choice for a live action Ace Morgan too.
Superman-Michael O'Hearne :huh:

Have no fear, Indy. He played Supes in the "World's Finest" fanfilm. He was also one of the House Fighters in the BattleDome TV show. He did a great job as Big Blue. It's over at youtube....

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