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Sep 27, 2003
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Who do you think would play the best demon mother? Any ideas for Bladkout or perhaps Skinner? My personal favorites of the Lilin, btw.
Nice choice. I don't think she has the age though. The demon mother has to be wise.
Charlize Theron.
Five years older than Christina Ricci (b.1975), more physically commanding and plays evil well/can act.
Perhaps. I'd like to see somebody older still. Sombody more witchy... though I know Lilith isn't a witch. Somebody both wise and beautiful, ya know?

I'll reserve further judgement on theron until I see Aeon Flux though...
My idea for Blackout would be the guy who played Margos on the shield.
I've never watched the Shield, but I will research him later...

Perhaps you could use any of the male Elves from LOTR. Their hair-dos would match anyway... ha.
This is the guy


He does a good phsyco in the shield
A quick idea on lilith said someone about meryl streep?

Now ive read the bio on skinner and i can se why he's your fave.I'm guessing(correct me if i'm wrong) that the role wouldn't require a great actor like spacey or cruise or pacino to work so here's my picks based on look.

choice one would be john malkovich


second choice jason statham(he'd be good at the stunt scene's)


My final choice would be something i wouldnt advise but based on agression and look how about goldberg


these were the 3 i could think of for now but after reading the bio i would love to see skinner in a sequel but do you reckon they would water him down to fit the pg-13 certificate ?
Goldberg is perfect for the look of the character though I doubt he'd be able to show the sensitive side of Skinner. John Malkavich is a pefect choice... if he were up for the action and makeup he'd have to undertake.

The PG-13 thing is somthing I'm not even going to think about anymore... not until I see the first one anyway.
Have you got anymore pics of skinner Flame?
What would you say was the best story containing him?
how much of a physical threat is he to GR ?

sorry for all the Q's but youve piqued my interest on this character:ghost:
I don't have any more Skinner pics right now... but I'll try to get some.

Because I haven't read the Spirits of Vengeance storyline in a while, his entire story sorta jumbles into one for me. Issue 3 of SOV (I think) contains his rebirth story. This is the main reason why I like this character. It's so very tragic and a great idea for a villian. Plus, he had the coolest weapon; his forarm bone which transformed into some brutal looking axe type bones. Awesome

As for physical threat, we'll he was no more of one than anything or anyone else. Ghost Rider is still near invincable, no matter who or what is attacking him. Skinner was an addition to Lilith's Lilin and thus strengthed her little family. This threatened not only Ghost Rider and the rest of the Midnight Son's but the world as a whole. Not so much physical pain but the pain of not existing in a world as we know it is what GR had to worry about.
You Know it just made me think what a great Rouge's Gallery GR has,as 1 of the difficulties facing DD2 is who to have as the villain since none of his foes are that great outside of kingpin and bullseye.

thx for the info flame he is an extremely menacing character:)
DD2 has a lot more things to worry about than which villian it's going to have... I'll leave that at that.
FlameHead said:
DD2 has a lot more things to worry about than which villian it's going to have... I'll leave that at that.
fair enough;)
You know what I'm saying though. I mean, I really want to see it happen... I just don't think it'll happen soon... or maybe ever.
Yeah i knew what you's just DD is a whole different topic and i didn't wan't to get into him as it would take forever to explain my love of smiths guardian devil and the problems i see adapting it.............and this forum belongs To Ghost Rider:ghost: i was just comparing is rouges gallery to Gr's:)
So... back to the Lilin. Let's talk about Meatmarket.


He made a few appearances, probably because he was so visually appealing. If they ever developed a story with him, they'd probably do most of it cgi... therefor no casting would be involved. Might be fun to think who could pull it off though.

Information of him can be found here...
well meatmarket is another excellent sounding GR villain....I can't honestly think of a way to use an actor other than in motion capture form...for that a good character actor may be best.....he's another villain who i think would give the PG-13 rating a problem as skeleton with flesh patches doen't sound rating friendly to
have you got biog pages on all the lilin as i like the sound of pilgrim ?
Sorry about never getting back to you on this HR. It seemed to get lost in the cracks along the way. I couldn't find any bio pages on Pilgrim, though I do remember them having more Lilin pages somewhere online. I'll have another look when I get off work and on my own computer. I may have the files saved on my compuer as well.
Well...a few choices from the dog.

Lilith? Older but still hot. Lena Olin


Skinner? Nathan Jones


Skitter? Brad Douriff


Meatmarket? CGI. nuff said'

Blackout? Nick Stahl

BLACKOUT= Peter Greene ( Type O Negative´s vocals )

SKINNER= Undertaker ( Wrestler )

LILITH= Angelina Jolie or Kim Director ( Blair Witch 2 )
BLACKOUT= Peter Greene ( Type O Negative´s vocals )

SKINNER= Undertaker ( Wrestler )

LILITH= Angelina Jolie or Kim Director ( Blair Witch 2 )

While I love the Undertaker I don't think with Skinner unique abilities that full body tatoos would work in with the scheme.

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