Cast the new DCU

Can't believe he might hire someone he's worked with before.
You know, if they ever do get around to a live action Batman Beyond, I had a thought for Barbara Gordon…

Today i'll add 2 more names to the WW's pool. Both got the exotic look(IMO)

1. Meet Madison Lintz. Born on May 1999 in Atlanta. She's 5'8 and she has been acting since 2010. One of her roles was on "The walking dead". 8 years were on the TV show - "Bosch".
Madison Lintz 4.jpgMadison Lintz 1.jpgMadison Lintz 3.jpeg
2. Meet Barbora Podzimková. She was born on September 1999 in Czech Republic. She's a little over 5'11(181cm). So far all her acting was in shorts. first one was in 2017. Right now she's mostly known as a model,
Barbora Podzimková 6.jpgBarbora Podzimková 3.jpg
Barbora Podzimková 4.jpg

Good night.
Kane already brought two Leftovers alumni on-board, I’m going to add to that and say Christopher Eccleston for Abin Sur.

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