Iron Man Sequels Cast the other Iron Man characters


Jun 15, 2006
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Bethany Cabe
Rumiko Fujikawa
Kathy Dare

I can't think of any other ones at the moment. Who would you like? What other characters(not villains, there's a whole other thread for them) would you like to see and who do you think should play them?
So, no one's got any ideas?
bethany cabe hillary swank
firebrand ryan philipe
Justin Hammer- Christopher Walken
Bethany Cabe- Kate Beckinsale
I heard someone on the myspace site nominate James Woods for the role of Justin Hammer. I kind of liked that. Walken would be good as well but then we'd get the inevitable Max Schrek comparisons.

James Woods


Justin Hammer
And he's a really good actor to boot.
Mandarin: Chow Yun Fat
Justin Hammer: Christopher Lee
Titanium Man: Sean Bean would be my choice as well
Count Nefaria: Al Pacino
Madame Masque: Monica Belluci
Bethany Cabe: I like the Charlize Theron suggestion
You beat me to the Mandarin casting of Ken Watanabe...


Chow Yun Fat would also work... but Ken is my first choice:

Ivana Milicevic as Black Widow

James Woods as Justin Hammer

Carrie Anne Moss as Madam Masque
^Good choice, except it'd be too close to Max Shrek from BR for my liking.
Ken Wantanabe: Mandarin

James Woods as Jusin Hammer :up:

Monica Bellucci: Madame Masque

Famke Janssen: Bethany Cabe

Charlize Theron: Kathey Dare, she can go psyco killer like in Monster.
With out a doubt, Milla Jovovich needs to be Black Widow.

She looks the part (and is in the same age range of RDJ and Norton) and she has already been trained in so many different hand to hand/martial arts fighting styles as well as a lot of weapon handling skills like fire arms, knives, batons, and swords. She has a huge leg up over anyone else suggested and she'd probably be more trained then some of the men in the cast.

Plus Milla has already worked with both RDJ (Chaplin) and Jackson (No Good Deed) so they would probably be able to act off each other better than others.
^^^ I approve that post and those pics.

Milla for Black Widow.
Milla is an EXCELLENT casting choice for Widow.

Look, talent, and wouldn't seem out of place with the cast.
Weird james woods was always my pick for the white version of nick fury. befor Samue L jaJckson got it due to that ultimate comic writers pick. reasons why john (or was it sean) carpenters vampires. the character james woods played there reminded me of fury after blowing that shed full of those vampires and took a cigar lit it up and put on sun glasses.( add in eye patch with that look) walking away from the explosion.

my pick for black widow Natalya Rudakova I put her up for these reasons on another thread
BTW I'm also good with Milla too. she's the right age and all. and she's done enough stunt work.
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Dave Chappelle as War Machine.

I'm War Machine b***!
Some quick musings:

Bethany Cabe: Charlize Theron
Mandarin: Chow Yun Fat
Living Laser: Daniel Craig
Ghost: Andy Serkis
If they ever do Boris Bullski, they need to get huge guy to play him, a Dolph Lundgren/Drago type of guy.

His size was a part of his early characterization, he always thought more about himself than anyone else because he towered over everyone when he was in the military and when he got chosen to become the Titanium Man, he wanted a really big suit, especially one that would tower over Iron Man.

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