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Cast The REAL Wanted Film!!!!


Dec 3, 2004
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Ok so it's safe to say 99% of us WANTED fans are uber angry over what a circle jerk this film has become so lets play pretend that some director with real talent (I dunno, lets say....Ridley or Tony Scott) is going to direct our film now all we have to do is cast it...

So cast Away kids :)

Wesley-Ben Foster

Fox-Alicia keys
-Vannessa L. Williams
-Rasario Dawson

The Killer-Tommy Lee Jones
Wesley - Jensen Ackles
Fox - I like your choice (Vanessa L. Williams)
The Killer - Just about any big time actor can play this guy

Edward Hibbert from Frasier for Doll-Master!......
Fox: Michelle Rodriquez


Tommy Lee Jones would probably be good as Killer; not a bad choice at all.
My cast:

Original Killer: Robert Deniro

Killer/Wesley: Some semi-dorky/cool male lead.


Mr. Rictus: Vincent D'Onnofrio

Johnny Two-*****: Steve Buscemi

The Professor: Ian Holm

Doll-Master: Edward Hibbert was a good call, we'll keep that!

Wesley's fat/goth: girlfriend: Drew Barrymore (hey, she could pull off, "Chunky")
Just re-read the issues again this week (sometimes I pull out back issues when I'm board lol)

Anyways..some new ideas here..

Mr.Rictus-william dafoe
-john malkovich
- gary oldman

Sucker-ron perlman

F**kwit- paul "big show" wright
Gary Oldman would ROCK as Mr. Rictus!!!
Wesley- Ben Foster

Killer- Tommy Lee Jones

Mr. Rictus- Gary Oldman or Hugo Weaving

The Professor- Henry Gibson
Wesley - Eminem.
Fox - Rosario Dawson.
Wesley - Eminem (I hate Eminem, but he looks the part, I believe he was modeled for Wes)
Foster would have kicked ass!! Especially for the kind of character Wesley is, Foster would have been pitch perfect, going from passive dork to certified badass in the span of a two-hour flick.

I also like Rosario for Fox. The woman's a die hard comic geek, hot as all get-out, and would probably nude up, if necessary.
I think its funny that Eminem was the model for Wes when Ben Foster is so perfect for the role. He can be so passive and get real intense.
who thinks this actually looks good?
imo it looks like crap, its a shame morgan freemans talent is being wasted in it.
Director: Steven Norrington
Cinematography: Jordan Cronenweth
Music composer: Clint Mansell

Wesley Gibson - Ben Foster
The Fox - Nona Gaye
Professor Solomon Seltzer - Ian Holm
The Killer - Tommy Lee Jones
Mr. Rictus - Christopher Walken
Sucker - Peter Stormare
Adam One - Tony Todd
The Emperor - Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa
The Future - Paul Bettany
Imp - Noah Taylor
Doll Master - William H Macy
F@#kwit - Ralf Moeller
Sh!#head - Clancy Brown
Johnny Two D!@k$ - Steve Buscemi
The Name Johnny Two ***** pretty much screams Steve Buscemi
This is my face when I'm ****ing you in the ass.

The Killer is plainly Burt Reynolds.
Cast the movie? Who cares, I just wanna see S***head on screen.
Hi guys, I made an account to join this conversation. Having literally just read the Wanted TPB my suggestions are based solely on the artwork in the book itself.
The Killer: Tommy Lee Jones
Fox: Halle Berry
Wesley: Eminem
Johnny Two D's: Steve Buscemi
Why they felt the need to cast James "I even hated you in Shameless" McAvoy as the main character in the movie is beyond me, but then I am genuinely amazed this guy has an acting career full stop (Period for you guys in the US). Angelina Jolie is a slightly better choice than McAvoy, though Vanessa Williams was my fave suggestion from previous posts. After the abysmal job she did in Catwoman I totally understand why Halle was not approached for this. I haven't seen the film and if I'm honest, I never will, unless it shows up on Netflix and I'm extremely bored.
All the best guys.

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