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May 15, 2005
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“The Murders of Brandywine Theater” is now casting!

"The Murders of Brandywine Theater" is an independent feature-length horror film directed by Larry Longstreth. It stars Dian Bachar (Baseketball, Southpark) and is executive produced by Mark Ordesky (The Frozen Ground, Lord of the Rings). The film is about Henry Kosta (Dian Bachar), a shy, bullied ventriloquist whose dummy, Moxxy, begins to speak up for his master… and eventually even resorts to murder. The film will be produced by Longstreth’s company: “Eddy Spaghetti Productions, LTD” and will be shot primarily in and around Kent, Ohio.

Auditions for the film take place Saturday, December 15th from 12pm to 5pm. They will be held at Murdock Industrial in Akron, Ohio. The address is:

553 Carroll Street Akron, OH 44304


The 4 roles we will be holding auditions for are:

1) "Mindy" - The film's female lead. Age range: 18-28.
Mindy is Henry's (the protagonist) college-age co-worker. Her outgoing, standoffish nature attracts the shy, lonely older man.

2) "Mr. O'Doul" - Age range: 38-60.
Mr. O'Doul is Henry's boss and owner of "The Brandywine Theater". He's a seedy business owner and a bully.

(A shorter actor is preferable, but not necessary.)

3) "Dr. Landers" - Age range: 50-70.
Dr. Landers is Henry's shrink. Eerily calm and seemingly humorless, he's slightly detached from reality. His sweater vests are a fine example of this.

4) "Mama Kosta" - Age range: 60 - 90.
Mama Kosta is Henry's mother, who he lives with. Passive-aggressive and subtly cruel, she is a constant source of stress and agony for Henry, going so far as to give her cat more favorable treatment than she gives her own son.

Auditions will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Those wishing to audition should arrive no later than 2pm.

All roles are paid, though the pay is modest. SAG memberships are not required.

For more info, e-mail producer Jacob Ruby at nwpfilms at
I am no where near the Ohio area, nor do I fit the description of any of your characters, so, sorry to say I wont able to help you...

but, best of luck in your casting Auditions/and with the film...

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