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Superman Returns Choir removed from DVD version?

Kevin Roegele

Do you mind if I don't?
May 2, 2000
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When I saw Returns at the cinema, I can distinctly recall that there was used for certain parts of the Superman theme. When Supes first appears and lifts the shuttle from the aeroplane, I'm certain there was a choir singing the last three notes of the theme.

On the DVD, they don't seem to be there. Is it my imagination or a problem with my speakers?
I thought the choir was mainly when he lifted up the landmass. I don't remember about elsewhere. But I didn't watch it for the music (though I like it a lot and got the album).

The only choir part i remember from the cinema, which is definately in the DVD version, is when Superman punch's through the wing after it breaks off the plane.
I saw Superman Returns a couple of times in the cinema and I really don't remember any choir when Superman lifts the shuttle from the plane. During that scene, I only remember the choir being used in the part that AVEITWITHJAMON mentioned. :super:
Now that i think about it there was choir in the part were he is floating in space, and when he goes above the clouds for a re-charge, but not when he is lifting the actual island.
I don't recall a choir when Supes lifts the shuttle, it was probably never there....

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