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Jul 21, 2007
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Who do you want to be the villain for a Batman reboot? I personally want Mr Freeze, Clayface, or Hugo Strange.
You can pick more than one, so basically pick whoever you want to see in a new trilogy, I wanna see who the fans want to see the most next
Hugo Strange or The Riddler.
Boom- would you want him paired with another villain or just Hugo Strange? Seeing as the past three films each had more than one villain from the comics, I could definitely see him with another villain.
I'd love to see some villains that haven't been done. I'll go with Hugo Strange for now. I guess it really depends on the direction they go with for the next movie.
Take a page from Batman Begins and have the first film introduce some villains we've never seen on screen before.

Hugo Strange as the main villain. He could be an Arkham employee obsessed with the Batman. To learn more about him, Strange studies all of the other villains Batman has put away, namely the Joker, in a Hannibal Lecter type situation. His plan of attack on Batman would happen gradually over the course of the film, so there might need to be another already established villain for Bats to fight in the meantime...

Black Mask. Tie him in with Dick Grayson's origin instead of Tony Zucco and you've got yourself a movie.

Oh, and let's make Harley Quinn an assistant to Strange at Arkham, who becomes infatuated with the Joker and busts him out at the end. :)
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I was also thinking about a Black Mask/Hugo Strange combo. Strange is obsessed with The Batmans identity and Black Mask is obsessed with masks. The Robin idea is great but I think all of that should be established by this point.
Professor Pyg in a near R-Rated reboot.
As far as villans go , I like the idea of Hugo Strange, as a police profiler, and an imprisoned younger Joker helping a younger Batman track down a new unknown threat the in the Riddler.

Hugo Strange: Michael Emerson
Joker : Matt Smith
Riddler: Bendict Cumberbatch
The Wrath....

As long as it isn't an origin story, I don't care who they use.

That way to spite some, we get the same origin story..... ;)

Only of course it's flipped, a parallel night to when Wayne's parents are killed, only that night this kids parents are shot by cops... you know the rest.
Yeah it happens. The costume would have to be movieized.
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If a Batman reboot just jumps right into a Batman world I want a community of villains. So as a great man once said... "Bring me everyone.... EVERYONE!!!!"

I don't need an origin film on every character. Maybe Two Face gets his story told but thats it.

I would like to see something that has us dropped right into a Batman vs Penguin story. After he handles the Penguin, it turn more into a Riddler story but while in jail the Penguin talks to another inmate and puts a bounty on Batmans head... so we also get Deadshot. Harvy Dent also gets established in this movie as well as Gordon.

The one thing I hate about most superhero movies is that its usually a "Ok its your turn type of feel" or the villains are in cahoots. A true feel of Batman is how he handles everything at once and needs the Bat family even though he might not want one.
I'd like to see Hugo Strange as the big bad with Deadshot as a secondary villain.

It probably seems like an odd pairing but I think it could really work. Since Strange has this bizarre obsession with being and/or replacing Batman, perhaps he could hire Deadshot to get Batman out of the way (or maybe just capture and detain him) while Strange goes around as Batman wreaking havoc.
I want either a combo of Riddler and Penguin, or Hugo Strange and either Deadshot or someone we haven't seen before.
I dont want to see a reboot.... but I went with a unique pairing.... Hush and the Riddler
I like Hugo Strange, but I think he would work better as a sequel villain. For the first movie? I am inclined towards the Riddler, to give the chance for the director to play up Batman's detective aspect.
I don't want to see Clayface. I'm up for a more comic book-esque take on Batman but I'd like some semblance of realism to remain intact. Clayface is just too unbelievable. He's essentially Plastic Man, the serial killer.
And at some point in the next franchise, make it necessary for Batman to go into Arkham Asylum (inmates take over/hostage situation). That way, we can get a whole bunch of villains in one film.
Yeah, I would LOVE to see something like that happen in a movie. They teased it a bit in Batman Begins, but it was a bit toned down there. I'd love to see an Arkham from hell like we've gotten in some of the comics and in the recent video games.
I would love to see Mr. Freeze done well, but I feel he fits better for the sequel. I think Riddler is a good villain to launch the reboot
Go with the Penguin, while having a lesser known villain in it as well. Firefly comes to mind.
I don't want to see a villain thats been used in the first movie.

Hugo Strange,Black Mask,Killer Croc, or Clayface. Some combination of them.

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