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Christopher Young's Ghost Rider Score


Sep 27, 2003
Reaction score
According to a front page article Christopher Young is expected to score Ghost Rider. That's all it pretty much says after it talks about his upcomming work on the next Spider-Man movie, which is the feature of the article (which can be found here by the way: http://www.superherohype.com/news/spider-mannews.php?id=3639).

Christopher has quite the resume folks (including The Shipping News, which is a Newfoundland film. Yay!) and I think would be a great addition to the Ghost Rider family. Check out his IMDB listing: http://imdb.com/name/nm0002366/.

Now, discuss....
thanks for noticing that FH...i just saw that blurb on the saying he was going to score Spiderman 3 so naturally i didnt have any interest in reading the full article...heh
what i noticed was that he composed the music for Hellraiser 1 and 2 ...which im a big fan of. that is some classic stuff right there. his recent stuff though i dont remember too well...even saw the Grudge and nothing really stayed w/ me music wise. will have to watch it again...
...just a sec here...for GR on imdb it says David Arnold for composer/"original music"? wha? could that have been for the comic con trailer?
or did SHH get their info wrong?
As we all know, IMDB takes forever to update. David Arnold could have been the first person known to possibly be doing something for the movie... or maybe is collaborating with Young to do it. Then again, Young may not be doing it at all. It does say "expecting" afterall.

I noticed a few things in his credit list as well, like Nightmare on Elm Street 2 which I'm a huge fan of. Loves Freddy, I do. Also noticed The Big Kahuna... but only because it's a Kevin Spacey flick (like Shipping News) and I'm a huge Spacey fan.
FlameHead said:
As we all know, IMDB takes forever to update.

true...and sometimes post wrong info too.
regardless i hope Young does do it as he has more experience than Arnold and has done more memorable scores to boot...
Indeed. I have to agree with you on that one. The more experience the better for me when it comes to this flick. I'm not against givin' the new guy a break but... this is the movie I've been waiting forever for and I wants it done right, every aspect of it.
I like Arnold's work myself...but I think that Young would do a great job too.
Well, I just finished wathing Nightmare on Elm Street 2 (I own the box set) and I gotta say, Chris does some great work. Of course, that was the 80's and things are much different these days but, I still feel he would be great for Ghost Rider. What I love most about him is that he has much experience with horror flicks and not just NOES. That gives me addition hope on the horrific side of the movie. Yay for Mr. Young!
BIGGUN said:
...just a sec here...for GR on imdb it says David Arnold for composer/"original music"? wha? could that have been for the comic con trailer?
or did SHH get their info wrong?
I posted the Chris Young info, and it's right.... IMDb is wrong... and they'll take forever to get it correct. They still have Elfman listed for Spider-Man 3, even though everyone in the free world knows that Elfman isn't doing the flick.
Thanks for lettin' us know Kipobe. Be sure to fill us in with more Young on Ghost Rider news if you know any. How do you know these things, btw?

That site is where I got my info. They're very, very reliable, since the guy who owns it is very close to the source. He revealed info that has come out months later to the public.. and I've never seen him wrong. Plus, he guaranteed an official announcement soon, which is pretty bold if you're just making up stuff.

It was a "by the way" comment, and since I'm more into Spider-Man than any other movie, I originally submitted the info sans the GR part... but I resubmitted it because I figured you guys would be interested.

I'm not thrilled about him doing Spider-Man 3, and I'm not thrilled about him replacing my favorite composer... but he'll be good for GR, I'm sure. You guys have already looked at his filmography, well he did some additional music for Spider-Man 2 if you were unaware.

Two scenes where he was most noticible was during Ock's demonstration of the arms and his machine in the lab before the Oscorp reps, and the train sequence (which although had a much better version scored by Elfman, is pretty good considering he had little time to put it together).

If you have the movie, check out those two scenes specifically to try and guage an idea of what he's done.
I'm not sure what this composer is capable of bringing to GR. I'll need to watch a few of his movies(scores) and listen and even then you can only wait for the final product next year.

He's certainly seems to be held in high regard thats for sure. If both Raimi ánd MSJ want him for their big-budget flicks he must be doing something right.
Raimi wants him for a handy man patch job. (He was actually cynically reccommended by Elfman in an argument, oddly enough). But him doing Ghost Rider is probably a good fit. It's much more in tone with the character... alot more dark, and as mentioned before, he did the Hellraiser scores, so he may work out well.
Yes, it does sound like Raimi doesn't want any input from in terms of music. Thats very sad to hear especially from Elfman.

On Young - Yes, you're right he's done lots of dark movies so i think he might just nail it. Music is sooo important for a movie. I hope he doesn't use too much songs and does more score.
I completely agree, Retro. It's sad too many people don't appreciate it... 'specially those twits over in the Spidey forums.

"Elfman's stuff all sounds alike"
"Couldn't we have a different composer everytime?"
"Music isn't that important anyway"
"The themes are the same, what does it matter?"
"Spider-Man 2 was just rehashed stuff anyway"

"Music isn't that important anyway" ...WTF?!!

its incredibly important....that is sad that people feel that way. almost as bad as when someone told me "I cant watch black and white films since they dont seem real w/out color" :confused:
BIGGUN said:
"I cant watch black and white films since they dont seem real w/out color"

You know, I had a thought in mind that would have been relevant to this thread until I read that comment. That just blew me away. Now all I can think about is "Do they think the same about black & white photographs?"

Well, to say something, Young has seemingly done the scores to many films I enjoy over the years (and a few I haven't). I look forward to seeing what he can add to the Ghost Rider movie.
Can't say I remember his music from any of the films I've seen that he's worked on, but he's got a solid resume. Interesting to see he scored Trick or Treat, which brings back memories of my misspent youth, sat in front of the TV watching videos every night! Ragman and Sammy Curr. Cool.

I like what I've heard from David Arnold (particularly CHANGING LANES, though that score isn't very ghost rider-esque) but I like Young as well, so either one is perfectly fine for me.
Seems that way. He's done a lot of horror stuff and that experience will be great to have for the GR movie.

BIGGUN said:
"Music isn't that important anyway" ...WTF?!!

its incredibly important....that is sad that people feel that way. almost as bad as when someone told me "I cant watch black and white films since they dont seem real w/out color" :confused:

Important indeed. Event silent films had music!
Well, it's completly confirmed that Young is doin' Ghost Rider by this article, found here; http://www.musicfromthemovies.com/article.asp?ID=582

More high profile action gigs for Young:

Christopher Young has more big action stuff than Spider-Man 3 in the pipeline. Also on his future scoring schedule is Ghost Rider, the action thriller directed by Daredevil director Mark Steven Johnson, starring Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze alias Ghost Rider. Just like Daredevil, the film is based on a Marvel comic book. Its cast also includes Eva Mendes, Sam Elliott and Wes Bentley and the film will open on 14 July next year.

Young will follow up his score for The Grudge, composing the sequel music for The Grudge 2, which is being directed by Takashi Shimizu who also helmed the first entry as well as the Japanese original. The sequel is scheduled for release in October next year.

Music from the Movies recommend that you visit the unofficial Christopher Young web site for up to date information about the composer.

Mikael Carlsson

Honestly, i didn´t like it.
I was getting used to the David Arnold´s idea.
Is that a confirmation? Young is the scorer of the movie?
I don´t like his filmography. It seems to be old news.
Of course i always respect everyone´s opinion, but i´d like to see some new scorer working in GR. I don´t know, someone like Manson, Reznor of even Zombie.
A few days ago i saw Danny the Dog, starring Jet Li, and the music of the movie was created by Massive Attack.
It was really cool. Modern and new.
Anyway, we´ll see. Maybe Chris Young does a great socre.
Let´s hope.
The problem with havin' Manson, Reznor or Zombie do it is that it'll turn out to be more music video than score.
It definatly is Chris;

3. Can you give any firm details on the composer or songs to be featured in the movie? There've been LOTS of ideas posted here on the Hype!

Christopher Young will be scoring the movie and I'm thrilled. Christopher scored much of Spider-man 2 and is scoring Spider-man 3 after he finishes G.R. He's also scored The Exorcism of Emily Rose, the Hellraiser movies, and many many others. Best of all, he's a comic and horror geek! His office has a collection of HUNDREDS of jack-o-lanterns. He's perfect for this...

19) The IMDB has the composer listed as David Arnold who has also scored films such as CHANGING LANES, DIE ANOTHER DAY, and others, have you had meetings with him as of yet?

Good old IMDB. No, it's Christopher Young. I've never even met David Arnold.

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