Civil War (Possible spoilers)


Jul 25, 2004
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What sides will the individual members of the Fantsastic Four take? Any guesses/opinions are welcome.
I personally cannot see where any of them would side with the superheroe registration act. They all have dealt with the government in the past and its never really turned out all that well (at least since the mid 70's). Too often its been proven that the govt has absolutely no control (however altruistic the intentions may start out to be) when dealing with superheroes. From things as simple as the recent storyline dealing with social services wanting to take the Richards' children to the govt wanting to send their own astronauts into space to develop a super powered army of cosmic ray enhanced soldiers. Its all proven to be too corrupt. So why would they ever think being at the beck and call of the govt and SHIELD would ever be a good situation is ridiculous. The FF know better.
From the sound of things the Human Torch will not even be an active factor. That leaves the other 3. Ben? I would believe he would see this having undertones of what happened to the jewish community under Nazi regime. That alone should be more than enough to have him against the SHRA. Its too much like being branded. Reed can always see both sides of an argument. Too protect his children would he really think agreeing/complying with the SHRA? I doupt it, but for the sake of argument and forcing the team to be divided that may be the reason he sides with Iron man's team. Sue...same reason? Maybe, but it sounds like they will be divided on this issue big time, so I am guessing she sides with Cap's team. Johnny, if he plays a factor, is the only member that might realistically side with the SHRA just because he would not see the long term problems involved. Innocence of youth thing.
All of them are very much in the public eye. And for the Fantastic 4 its proven over their history it was the right way to go in for being a superhero/celebrity. That said they are intelligent enough to know it would not work for everyone. And they are humane and compassionate enough to know that the SHRA is wrong on so many levels. That said we are going to have to sit back and watch the team divided for the purposes of another summer blockbuster event. Even if it is out of character.
I look forward to the thoughts and views of others.
the torch might retire or join caps team
3dman27 said:
the torch might retire or join caps team
Its also been rumored that Torch might become a part of a new super team that forms after CW. Possibley a new west coast avengers. I can actually imagine their being two Fantastic Four teams out there come the conclusion of CW. Or maybe a Fantastic Avengers title? The fun is in the guessing right now. Imagine Reed and Sue with Hawkeye and She-Hulk on one team and Ben and Johnny on another with Black Panther and Storm. (Taken from hints alluded to in Wizard 175) What do you think, 3D? Where will it all go?

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