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Comic book legend George Perez has announced through his FB page that he has Stage 3 pancreatic canc

Oh, no. :csad: 'Legend' is right. One of the all-time greatest. His work on Crisis remains some of the finest ever. No-one handles large casts of characters better than George. Thoughts to him and his family/friends.
Really a gut punch when i came across this on Twitter randomly.
What a Legend he is...what he gave us as fans, nobody can ever take from him.

Im happy that it seems like he makes the most out of the time he has left and is in good spirits, but it still makes me sad.
I hate Cancer so god damn much, it takes too many people way too soon.

In his work he will live forever, a legacy that we will always cherish and remember.
But i do think he also will be remembered by those who worked with him and crossed paths with him as Human.
So very sad. He and Marv Wolfman were lightning in a bottle. From Crisis to Teen Titans to Lonely Place of Dying, they were one of the all time great 1-2 punches of writers/artists.

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