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    Hey everyone! I know a lot of people out there collect Overpower cards and are probably missing a few here and there...but can't find anyone to trade with! I am in the exact same boat. That's why I started this thread. I am going to post my need list for Marvel Overpower cards, and if anyone has any of them, let me know! I will buy them, or trade with you! This isn't just for Overpower though...if you need to buy or trade any other comic cards, feel free to list it here! Okay here goes...

    Hero (4 number rating on card)
    Black Panther
    Ghost Rider
    Heroes for Hire
    Mr. Fantastic
    Omega Red

    Adam Warlock

    Any Hero – Alien Symbiote, Alien Symbiote She-Venom, Savage Land Sauron, Web Headed Wizard (not cosmic), Confusion Wolverine
    Absorbing Man –Absorb PropertiesApocalypse – Ageless evil, Instant Evolution, Techno virus
    Baron Mordo – Demonic Summons, Illusion casting
    Black Cat – Bad luck, Cat Burglar, Feline Fury, Nine Lives
    Black Widow – KGB Intelligence
    Blob – Flabby Fighter, Sumo Slam
    Brood – Power Hungry Monsters
    Bullseye – Assassin for hire, Everythings a weapon, Precision Shot
    Captain Mar-vell – Universal Alignment
    Carnage – Anarchy, Destructive Mind, Combat Chaos HF
    Daredevil – Billy Club,Blind man’s bluff
    Dazzler – Absorb Sound, Mojoworld Rebel
    Deadpool – Bushwack, Distracting Chatter
    Deathlok – John "Siege" Kelly, Luther Manning, Michael Collins
    Doctor Octopus – Killer Crush (HF)
    Doctor Strange – Defender, Mists of Morpheus
    Domino – Dumb Luck, Fall into Place, Lady Luck, Tripwire
    Dracula – Lord of the Vampires
    Elektra – Infiltration, Ninja Master, Ressurection, Sai(2)Falcon – Red Wing, Powerdive
    Forge – Cherokee Magic, Spiritual Purging
    Gambit – Ace in the hole
    Ghost Rider – Bat out of Hell, Skeletal Summoning, Spirit of Vengeance, Spiritual Duality
    Hand, The – Shinobi Shaw
    Heroes for Hire – Iron Fist
    Holocaust – Consume Lifeforce, Death Cannon, Devastate
    Hulk – Gamma Transfusion
    Human Torch – Hot Head, Flame on
    HYDRA – Fortunato
    Iceman – Bloodchill
    Invisible Woman – Protective Wall, Team Co-ordination(2)Iron Man – Industrial Waste, Weapons Inventor
    Jean Grey – Phoenix Effect, Psychic Soothing
    Jubilee – Troublemaker
    Ka-Zar – King of the Savageland, Primitive Arsenal
    Kree – Ronan the Accuser
    Leader – Omnibus, Regeneration Crystal
    Longshot – Fortunate Accident, One in a Million, Purity of Thought
    Mandarin – Energy Void, Mastermind
    Marauders – Harpoon
    Maverick – Power Channel
    Mercury – Soldier of Fortune
    Mister Fantastic – Fantastic Mind
    Mister Sinister – Cloning Process, Marauder
    Mole Man – Monster Island, Uproot Earth
    Morbius – Induce Panic
    Mysterio – Holographic Decoy, Now you see it…, Misdirection HF
    Namor –Sub-Mariner
    Nightcrawler – Power Port
    Omega Red – Carbonadium Synthesizer, Secrete Pheromones
    Phoenix – Manifest Phoenix
    Professor X – Mindwipe
    Psylocke – Lady Mandarin
    Punisher – Outwit
    Reavers – Gateway
    Red Skull – Cosmic Cube, Dust of Death, Evil Super-Soldier, Master Racist
    Rhino – Stampede HF
    Rogue – Mutant Missile
    Scarlet Spider – Arachnid Gizmos, Impact Webbing, Spiderweb, Scarlet Savior HF
    Scarlet Witch – Improbability Hex
    Scorpion – The Jameson Connection
    Serpent Society – Asp, Fer de lance
    Shadowcat – Doug Ramsey
    Shadow King – Possess Others, Twist Desire
    Shang Chi – Fu Manchu
    She-Hulk – Brains & Brawn, Public Defender, Vitamin G
    Spider-girl – Mayday, Wall walker
    Spider-man – Over the edge HF
    Sunfire – Atomic Flame, Radiate Heat
    Taskmaster – Photographic Reflexes, Spy Camera
    Thor – Gift of the Gods, Viking Pyre
    Thunderbird – Ultimate Sacrifice
    Thunderbolts – Citizen V
    Typhoid Mary – Dressed to Kill
    War Machine – Pepper Potts
    Wolverine – Rage, Savage Regression
    X-man – Ultimate Potential

    -Rick Jones

    -Cyclops Cable Jean Grey (energy)

    -Infinity Gauntlet
    -Adamantium Tentacles
    -Ultimate Nullifier
    -Book of Darkhold
    -Super Soldier Serum
    -Mkrann fragment

    Green Location cards
    -Historical Twist (Age of Apocalypse)
    -Mutant Refuge (Avalon)
    -The Benassi Rocket (Cape Citadel)
    -Holographic attackers (Danger Room)

    -Baron von strucker and Red Skull (fighting)

    -Any Homebase
    -Age of Apocalypse
    -Krakoa (Orange Text)

    Any Mission
    -Hideout Discovered!
    -To Save the World!

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