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Comic Con Footage (The Leaked Trailer)

batman 833

Apr 4, 2005
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Okay just so you guys know that the trailer from comic-con is already online on the shh main page
well i think it was a false alarm this was already posted just close the thread.
Maybe not, because it has no link to the trailer or anything...
Huh.... I was wondering what happened to it. Starting to think I might have imagined the whole thing...
I'm wondering officially what happened but, I'm sure it was because it wasn't an official sony release.

I'm hoping somebody official drops in to let us know.

I'm just happy I was here last night before going to bed.
I almost stayed up all night myself... and it's just as well I had because I couldn't sleep thinking about the trailer and stuff to talk about... and now it's gone.
It's just as well when you can't sleep to watch TV...
Or keep watching the trailer over and over and over again... which is what I was doing for about 90 minutes last night.
Hope this doesn't get anyone's knickers in a twist...

Nah. We all realize that this is very early on... plus, you can hardley even pic out what it truly is being only a flash.

I don't know why they just didn't release this as the comic-con footage, letting everyone know it's only test CGI.
FlameHead said:
I don't know why they just didn't release this as the comic-con footage, letting everyone know it's only test CGI.

Seriously - it was just 2 weeks ago- why did they wait?

Sony must have feared the legendary pickiness of the fanboys. :D
Probably, but that's going to happen regardless of when they release it.
So, the trailer is still on that game site... but, apparantly you need a password now.
Score indeed.

Oh, and to any Sony people (or those otherwise involved) who may be reading, from what I can tell, the response from the hardcore fans (us) is 'things are lookin' good'. Most of the comments said, in the now deleted thread (that rhymed), were positive. Keep on this track and you'll make this crowd happy anyway.

Keep on truckin'... or bikin' I guess.
i love the line

"feels like my skull is on fire......but i'm good"

i have it on my computer, but there is no video because i don't have quicktime 7, but my computer can't handle that much resolution, i hope somebody can convert it to MPG format and pm me the file :(
I just saw the trailer this morning. It looks good. I don't think this one is official though and I've heard rumors that it's just comic-con footage that wasn't meant for many people to see. It doesn't look like this one if finished yet, I'm still waiting for an official trailer.
Sony has just released a statement that the footage was indeed meant only for ComiCon. It certainly felt that way, the look of GR was very unfinished.
That was so obvious it was not a trailer. I commented on that that at the comic-con they specifically said this was not a trailer and it was incomplete footage. My post along with 250 others were erased but I posted the same thing in another forum much earlier. Harry knew this was incomplete footage because his site and others sites commented on the footage. Tell me he is not corrupt. He knew this and still questioned the quality and wondered if it was final in his word.

Yeah, The really nowhere near what they want GR to look like. I got the feeling this trailer was being released too early. Not to mention how it was released, with no official hosting from any Sony-related website.
It's not a trailer it was just footage and inserted F/X that is not going to be in the film. Just a tease for live comic fans not for the internet. Harry probably got a threat from Sony. Harry did the same thing to The Hulk when he posted incomplete Hulk Footage and Fox got up his ass and the grudge started.

Harry has since retracted his statements on his site and now is tell his so called "lapdogs" to heel until the real footage comes out. What a pos.

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