Comic creators whose influence is felt the most in the MCU

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Apr 2, 2010
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Which comic creators (ie writers/ artists etc) do you think have had their influence felt over the MCU and the way it has been shaped? Which have Marvel Studios most been inspired by either with their characters or particular scenes?

While Adi Granov is no doubt responsible for some of the designs of the Iron Man armour, I'd say two comic creators whose influence has definitely been felt are writer David Micheline and artist Bob Layton.

Micheline and Layton are responsible for creating Jim Rhodes, Justin Hammer, Scott Lang and Darren Cross. They also popularised Iron Man in the 70s, making him into more of a flashy and exciting playboy. They were also the ones who introduced the whole alcoholic storyline into Iron Man.

The scene from Avengers where Stark is thrown out of the building by Loki and has to don his armour in mid flight is a homage to Iron Man #118 (by Micheline and Layton) where Stark is thrown out of a SHIELD helicarrier and has to suit up in a similar way before hitting the ground.

They were also the ones who introduced all the specialised armours for different occasions.

If Marvel were to bring in the Ghost and Taskmaster into a future movie, those two are also their creations.

And of course, if Venom shows up now that Spidey is in the MCU, well Venom is a Michelinie creation too.

Any other creators whose influence can be felt in the MCU?
Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch anyone? Avengers in the MCU is basically The Ultimates without all the swearing and adult bits. Since the MCU is based around The Avengers I'd say they've had the biggest influence in this universe.

Ed Brubaker for anything involving Captain America, especially in The Winter Soldier.

Jim Starlin should also be counted, since his Infinity Gauntlet story will be the basis for the future MCU films.
Mark Millar had a huge hand in defining what the Avengers were for the modern era.
Far as Daredevil, jointly Miller and Bendis. Everything else listed above is spot on

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