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Feb 11, 2011
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Hey, with so many superhero movies i decided to make this thread about the comic book sources they used for some of their films.

X-Men 2 for example used God Loves Man Kill as its main source


X-Men 3 used the cure story arc from Whedon's run and the Dark Phoenix storyline. Daredevil adapted Frank Miller's run, The Dark Knight took aspects from Batman #1, The Long Halloween, The Dark Knight Returns, and the Man who Laughs.

What stories do you think that movies like X-Men, Spider-Man and Green Lantern take more?
Spider Man 1 had Green Goblin dropping Mary Jane off the bridge like he drops Gwen Stacy off to her death
Hey, At the end of the movie, we see that the cure eventually wears off, but doesn't this mean that Rogue and Mystique's powers will return, and that she would join Magneto again, and Rogue stays as an X-Men? And what exactly happened to Cyclops?
Well Iron Man had Tales of Suspense #39 and bits of Iron Man #200 where IM battles Iron Monger.

- The small town Earth setting is obviously drawn from JMS's excellent yet brief run on Thor.
- Thor, Loki, and Sif being allies in adventure reminds me of the Son of Asgard mini, in which they stormed into a Giant's lair (though in that mini, I believe they fought Storm Giants.
- The general consensus that Thor is a loon comes from Ultimates.
- Loki showing up to visit Thor in custody comes from Ultimates 2.
Loki's invasion is culled from Ultimates 2: Grand Theft America. In addition, his manipulation of the Hulk is from the first Avengers comic.
Spider-Man 2 is based on ASM #50, Spider-Man No More!.

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