The Dark Knight Comics / Cartoons showing similar story to Dark Knight?


Jul 16, 2012
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Subject wasn't worded greatly.

After watching an extra on TDK Blu Ray psychologically delving into the psyche of the characters, it really made me want to look further into the characters.

Where is a good place to start? Comics or cartoon versions of this that I could find? Maybe from where Joker and Batman first foudn one another?

Or not even Joker? Anything related to other characters which depicts the same, dark sense the film gives off.

I just want to track the Batman character for a more extensive period.
If you want to get into their psyches, One of the best Batman/Joker stories ever: The Killing Joke.

One version of the 1st Batman/Joker meeting was in the graphic novel: The Man Who Laughs. But I wouldn't recommend it, was not one of my favorites.

There was also an arc in the short-lived series Batman Confidential which explored Joker's origin and how Batman inspired him
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Thanks man. I actually did some research and found a good thread from another site where people have posted the comics and a good order to read them in:

Also, in terms of animation, I found that Batman the Animated Series is the best option there and this guy has posted an order of how you should watch episode in terms of the birth of batman with city thugs, etc, and how his life logically flows: http://www.**************.com/fansites/knightsofgrayskull/news/?a=21795
Batman: Long Halloween and Dark Victory inspired Nolan to undertake the Batman character in the first place, Long Halloween even has Two-Face's origin and features a lot of the rogues gallery in it.

For the Batman/Joker relationship, yeah The Killing Joke is your best bet. Also, there's The Man Who Laughs, Death in the Family (Not the best story, but final issue has a cool Batman/Joker moment). The Joker's Five Way Revenge and The Laughing Fish by Dennis O'Neal (the latter has a great adaptation from The Animated Series that you must see).

One awesome Joker issue comes from No Man's Land, even though the story is massive and may put you off, I personally love the final arc with Joker where he's about to kill a whole bunch of newborn babies to "kill hope".

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