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Discussion in 'The Flash' started by Silver Lantern, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Silver Lantern

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    Aug 29, 2004
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    There are many things hey need to change, alter or get rid of which are:
    1: Iris West needs to be in less episodes, NOT on team flash as only reporter and wife who helps him with reporting.
    2: Joe West needs to be in it more, helping flash more and new leader.
    3: ONLY cameos by Kid Flash
    4: Caitlin needs to be the true killer frost, a actual villain and not a friend of theirs. I love Caitlin yes but she needs to be full evil frost and stay that way and leave team flash.
    5: Barry needs to stop revealing his identity to everyone, what's the point of a mask if he keeps no identity. Quit showing everyone my god.
    6: Make Barry flash more solo rather than on a team, helping central city or other cities in the world as a traveler now.
    7: The rogue gallery villains, or multiverse versions need to return.
    8: First season had mystery, esp reverse flash and second season with Jay or man in iron mask. Where is the mystery anymore its what made the show great and why season 4 was dull and boring.
    9: season 4 had weakest and most boring villain I've seen in the series. I would of preferred Abra kadabra, he was cool.
    10: too much damn whining.
    11: I do like the new suit which is big plus.

    This show needs to change the way it was for seasons 1-3 or it won't work due to lowest rating of all seasons. Get Wii people or make season 5 the final. Anything else I miss or any ideas put here.
  2. famicommander

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    Sep 29, 2014
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    I'm not going to comment on all of your suggestions, but the notion that this show is in any danger of being cancelled due to ratings is completely nonsensical.

    Adjusted for historical decline and contemporary competition, season 4 of the Flash was still more succesful than any other season of any other show in the history of the CW. Going all the way back to the WB and UPN, only two specific seasons of Smallville did better than season 4 of Flash did.

    Your perception of season 4's relative success is skewed by the ridiculously great performance of the first three seasons.

    The absolute minimum number of seasons this show will go is seven, barring some unfortunate circumstance like one of the stars getting in trouble/hurt/killed/etc.

    The cast signed seven season contracts before the show started. It's by far the most lucrative show CW has, and one of the most lucrative shows across the entire WB library despite its home on a lesser network. They're going to order as many episodes as they possibly can because it means more ad dollars and more leverage to squeeze money out of syndication and streaming deals.
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  3. Silver Lantern

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    Aug 29, 2004
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    I never said they are canceling it, but it was the lowest in people opinions. If it don't at least become good like season 1, I'll stop watching it even though I still have high hopes season 5 will be great and show lasts 10 seasons. The rating were still good and highly watched, but many don't like the direction season 4 like me. 1-3 are my favorite seasons.
  4. igoogol

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    Oct 7, 2017
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    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. No thanks on more than 1 Flash on the show.
    4. I could go with this for an arc and then they save her.
    5 – 7. T.H.I.S.
    8. The cast, crew, production keeping their traps shut would help a long way on this.
    9. No matter how cool the villain, Flash ARMY v. ONE villain is always going to be lame, ie team flash needs to GO.
    10. T.H.I.S.
    11. S2 suit was best. S4, he looked like the Michelin tire man.
  5. caseybrn

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    Sep 27, 2018
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    I strongly agree with so many of your points,

    1-4 and 6. I am really sick of team flash - But as u said, More Joe West, I like Dibney so move him to Legends and focus alot less on Cisco, Caitlyn and Iris. (Especially Iris - she is Barry Allen's persoal life partner - not his partner in his superhero life. But if liked the overall writing/acting of Wally West, I wouldn't mind focus on him. I''m a comics guy...Flash is a legacy story - Jay Garrick solo stories! (....and John Wesley Ship is a solid actor!)

    5. Yes I agree about the secret identity stuff....I know people stupidly over-analyze the value of the secret identity stuff. But there is a reason Gardner Fox, Stan Lee, Siegel, Shuster, Kane, Finger and almost all the comic book storytellers of the past put the 'secret identity' drama in their stories - And yes I know this is a different medium but comics are the source. What makes (made) Flash great was embracing its comic booky-ness. Not making a more realistic ala Christopher Nolan (who I liked in doses), but telling its Gorilla Grodd and King Shark stories - - And embracing the secret identity stuff is the same way (Forget that 'it's just a pair of glasses' and embrace it!

    8. I miss the mystery stuff...That really feeds into my overall feelings on the tired season long story arc's/villains...
  6. fan4stic

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    Oct 25, 2017
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    The mystery stuff is what made this show lame. The mysteries get repetitive. The payoffs can be lacking or it takes too much time to get there.

    Joe has no reason to be leader if there's less of the team. His character doesn't have much else going for him.

    I think they should bump down all side characters to 13 episodes. No less Iris, less everyone.

    I disagree about Devoe.
  7. Prettyricky

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    Jul 31, 2017
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    My expectations are so low for this season that another speedster villian would be welcomed. Looking back at season 1 until now and how much its gone in the wrong direction is heartbreaking

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