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*Confirmed* 'F.E.A.R' Coming to X360.

Now the Freaky little girl can scare the crap out of non P.C Gamers :)

I just downloaded a video review, and by the mustache of Clark Gable, it looks GREAT.

Plus ghost stories > sci-fi (for me anyway)
Uhh, sorry to bust your bubble dude but F.E.A.R is sci-fi...
Well, it has elements of ghost stories.
I mean, that little girl, wtf? :(

But still, to me it looks quite a bit better than HL2, but I guess I'll have to play it first :(

Ragdolls in FEAR are goooood.
Gammy v.2 said:
Well, it has elements of ghost stories.
I mean, that little girl, wtf? :(

Look beyond the black wall if you wish to know.
The guy you play as is a genetically enhanced psychic super soldier. The villian (Paxton Fettel) is another genetically enhanced psychic super soldier, and your brother (who incedentally eats people to gain their memories and knowledge). Who also psychically controls 1000 clone troopers. The creepy 7 yearold is your moms spirit, who is directing your brother to murder all those who hurt her. Your mom, Alma, is the daughter of an excutive at the company who made you. He gave her to the gentech divsion as she had powerful psychic powers. And they used her to create 2 super soldier prototypes. You and Paxton. Paxton is more psychic than super and you are more super than psychic.
Don't thank me. Thank PC gamer, they had a whole article of F.E.A.R. spoilers in a recent issue. I just paraphrased and posted.
Yeah I was wondering if to post about this when I got the mag . I chose not to because it's the April issue, and who knows about April Fools and stuff..... but I truly hope not.

But it's looking like 360 will be THE console for horror lovers. (Coincidentally is that dragon game Lair coming to 360?)

I didn't like Half life 2. But this looks like it will kick major ass.

My only F.E.A.R is that it might turn out to be an april's fools prank, but let's hope not!

I'm still waiting for AVP to come to consoles though :(
:eek: Hell yes! I've been dying to play this game (Thanks to my weak a$$ PC):o
Gammy v.2 said:
Thank you, PC Gamer!
They say thank you. Still I'll only get it if the PC version doesn't drop in price first.
Isn't this also coming out for the PS3? God I hope so I really want to play this game however I don't have a graphics card capable for handling the graphics of this game lol.
Its great fun... Gun play is freaking awesome :up: Plus whenever that little girl shows up, **** hits the fan. :)
Im trying to find scans of the article at the moment... I want to see what its looking like on the 360 hardware.
Probably exactly the same. Maybe they ironed out the wierd "soft shadows" glitch that I noticed (on my 6800GT, but it was only the demo) but other than that, it should look basically the same exactly.

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