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Crazy Terror Endings - A Little Contest


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Mar 29, 2008
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Hi everybody! I didn't think this belonged to the Creepypasta or Halloween thread, but if the mods deem necessary to relocate this thread it will be fine. On early October I initiated a little pet project. It is called "La Galería del Terror" (The Gallery of Terror), a blog where I post spooky funny stories with photoshopped pictures, mainly parodying scary stories, and trying to make full scary things as well. It is in Spanish, I haven't had time to translate it, but I think some pics speak of themselves. You can check the blog here: La Galería del Terror

I initiated a series of posts called "Crazy Terror Endings" where I wrote hypothetical endings to horror and bizarre stories. It was inspired by Knock by Fredric Brown:

"The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door..."

I made a contest, where participants make their own entries and they get featured on the Gallery. The basis is the following:

  • It has to be short. Two or three sentences maximum.
  • It has to be terrfying, bizarre, funny or all the above.
  • You can send more than one entry.

Here are my translated posts:

  • When the man of the scissors finished with him, he looked at the mirror, and horrified, he though: "My hair I said... not that short I said"
  • The dog stood up and looked at everybody with contempt.
  • "I see dead people... on the classic cinema channel"
  • "And he looked at his hand, it was a hoof. Suddenly, he was hit with a whip in the back while he heard someone say: "Quick 'Speedy', run to the finish line"
  • Mary had a little lamb... she had a little lamb.
  • The alarm rang and the manager proceeded to send help. When he made the call to the rescue department, on the other side of the phone they responded:"There is no one else to send... and I am a camel."
  • He answered the phone and a voice said: "Seven days... ¡If you don{t pay, in seven days we'll take away the internet"
  • While his family observed him, sitting on the couch, laughing and pointing to him with their fingers, he touched the crystal behind the static, trapped on the T.V.
  • When he looked, there was only a revolver with one bullet and a note in which it was written: "Ghost don't play Russian Roulette"
  • "The nightmare is over"- he said while moving away from that dark place. Then he muttered to himself - "Next time they won't escape"
  • Panic flooded their hearts when, from the spaceship, a soft voice said. "There is nothing to fear". There was a moment of peace, then the planet was consumed by flames.
  • The hideous creature finally reached him, putting his hands on his shoulders and, in the middle of a roar, it said to him: "Help... he is right behind me"
  • They cried him in the funeral. They covered him with dirt. They said to him their last good bye. Inside the coffin, he heard everything.

Here are the original posts on the blog and the contest: Locos Finales de Terror

The best entries will be featured on the Gallery next week. I'll post them on English and translated to Spanish as well.

So that's that. It will be fun, just keep it PG-13. The contest ends on Sunday. Be creative! Be spooky!
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Gas filled the room. The girl gasped for air, but to no avail, as he cackled in the corner, licking his lips with glee.
Clearly, she was going to have remind him of the apartment's "No Bean Burritos" rule.
They told him to run as fast as he could...but he didn't have any legs.
Bumping this up! Just some shameless self promotion. Write your Crazy Terror Ending and be immortalized on the Gallery. It will be fun! Thanks for the replies!
Visit the Gallery of Terror!
Thanks to everyone (Wesley Dodds and TheDreamMaster :D) for the replies.

Here are my translated final ones:

"Weird!. After feeding my Mogwais last night, I gave them a bath and now I have like seven green cocoons on the floor... mmm I'll better take them out later so they can get some sun."

"That reminds me the twenty seven years I spent on the Phantom Zone. Curse you Jor-El"

"- I coded the infinite. Inside the machine, zeroes and ones dance between them, combining themselves to create something unexplainable for human eyes. I have seen the source and it's beautiful.
- Fool! Your program is looping!"

- Oh no! I think I have double personality!
- Oh good... Wait a second! Who are you?
- I am me!
- Well, so am I!
- All right calm down you two!

"This cannot be! I failed the Turing Test! This is preposterous. Tomorrow the Chinese Room test"

And here is the link for the entry: Crazy Terror Endings - Part Three

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