Crossover Villains You'd Like To See on The Show

The Joker_1000

Jul 29, 2007
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Personally, I know it may not happen but I'd love to see Bane on that show. As much as they change things, it'd be interesting to see what they'd do new with the charactger.
Supernatural's that yello eye demon

both sam and dena can also make a cameo
it will be intresting to see dean's reaction to clark's powers or where he came from

i can see him hitting on kara
Next time, try to put that all into one post, try not to double post too much.

As for Bane, I could definitely see them going with an incarnation similar to the one we currently have in "The Batman" which is my favorite look of the character. I would absolutely love it if we got something similar to that on Smallville if they decided to use Bane.
Bruce Wayne. To someone as clean cut as Clark Kent he would initially seem quite bad.
i'd quite like to see clayface but that's too obvious

edward e.nygma would be pretty sweet....
11 replies and no mention of Sylar? For shame. :o
Them adapting Clayface wouldn't be too bad.

Except you know that Smallville would butcher it. Smallville Clay face would be Martha Kent after she accidentally played with Kryptonite Laced Play-Dough while visiting a local Elementary School.
That would probably happen. Or it'd be Lex after experimenting with Kryptonite to try and give himself abilities. *shudders*
Total crossover! Real-action versions of the good and the bad from the Powerpuff Girls. Then Clark can fight a monkey :-> Or lots of monkeys. Heh. And the Girls can save him until he really learns how to fly.

Bonus: Chemical X and different types of K interact onscreen, for amusing results.

Scarlett Johansson or Marcia Cross for Sara Bellum.
captain cold, mr. freeze, cheetah, solomon grundy, grodd, riddler, trickster, joker..
I doubt we'd ever get the Joker or the Riddler on the show since they haven't even wanted to establish Batman but it'd be at least cool to get the Joker. I'd really like to see someone like the Hulk on the show if he weren't a Marvel hero.
General Wade Eiling would be someone they could put in for the dorkyiest of fans like myself.
Yeah, I remember seeing pictures of him now but I think I may have missed the actual episode which I heard was pretty good.

clark kent will own Sylar anyday

since clark is technically aline and i doubt of sylar's power can work on an alien

afterall all these charcter from Heroes are clark kent wanna be

and we all know there is only one clark kent or should i say superman:cwink::cwink:

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