i wonder what "non-speaking thing" he'll make speak in this one
Seriously, I gave this show 3 episode before I just genuinely can't stand watching it anymore. And I so wanted too!

It's just utter garbage.
The worst part is, I think it's continued presence as a lead-in is hurting Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is actually funny.
I'm teetering on quitting it myself. There are just enough good scenes and jokes for me to not give up yet. None of the episodes have really impressed me and none have been so bad I want to quit watching either.

I am surprised it has gotten another six episodes though. Thought for sure it would get the axe with the controversy and ratings (which I haven't seen but thought would be low).
What kind of controversy? If it's juicy, I might give this a looksee.:o
The usual MacFarlane ones: Racism, sexism, ageism, homophobic, any other -ism's I'm missing. Lack of plot, originality, intelligence. Just about anything you can negativly say has been said.
It's 2 Broke Girls: The Male Version. Obvious attempts at edgy humor without actually being funny in the process.

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