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Oct 18, 2012
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This is pure speculation and putting things together on my part. But anyway...

There's been the rumours that he's been up for Electro too. BUT, with Homeland having a third season - usually being broadcast around October time, I'd have thought that would mean an early 2013 shooting schedule. The same as when Amazing Spider-Man 2 is supposed to start filming...

Therefore playing the major villain in a superhero movie may be time consuming.

Part of me wonders if he may be up for Osborn. Norman that is... I also think he could suit it pretty well.

First, how did you come up to that conclusion he was up for a role? I've never heard of these rumors till now.

Second, if he is indeed up for Norman then where does that lead Michael Massee? Is he Norman or not? Is he Quentin Beck as many speculated?

Third, he could be Shocker too seeing as in the "ASM" easter eggs the last scene has Spider-Man squeezing his way through a tight alleyway and hanging on a banister are bright yellow pants with a red line streaking down on the sides. Then, you would have two villains who can control electricity and air vibrations.
Pretty sure Massee's playing Norman.

Lewis' age is all wrong for Norman. He's 41, Massee's 57.

I love Lewis as an actor, just don't like the idea of him playing Norman.
Must check that last scene again now

EDIT: I can't find it, NinjaTurtle
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Oh thanks!

Doesn't look like Shocker pants to me though
Since when has Electro worn yellow and brown? :huh:

The only answer is Shocker. You have Rhino in the labs, Mysterio or Norman Osborne in the jail, a lab coat hanging in the alley (Doc Connors), and the yellow and brown pants (Shocker). Now, the thundering could be just a thunderstorm during the jail scene or caused by Electro.
I never said those were Electro's pants.

I just think those are a pair of random, yellow pants.
Damien Lewis would be a wonderful Osborn. I wonder if we'll get to see him in ASM2 or if Harry will just talk about him.
I'd prefer Massee to play Norman but Lewis could fit multiple possibilities .
I kinda wonder if Shocker will be a side villian in TASM 2? Like I've said before, I'd hate for Electro to be the only villian.
I love Shocker so I hope he won't be wasted in the first scene like some people here have suggested, if he's ever used.
Shocker visually is very similar to Electro. I doubt to see him anytime soon. Just saying.
Shocker visually is very similar to Electro. I doubt to see him anytime soon. Just saying.

Not really. They both have yellow, but to very different degrees. That's about it for similarities other than both names hinting they may have electricity based powers, though from my understanding from Shocker's abilities that's a bit of a misnomer.

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