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Apr 4, 2004
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I've loved this guy since I started watching BSG and heard his cover of "All Along the Watchtower", and he has yet to disappoint me, especially in regards to TWD.
Now if only those pinkslip-happy bastards at AMC would just release his score, that would be fantastic. :o
I don't think any of the music in the show is very memorable. I honestly can't recall a single piece of music besides the title theme.
Mercy Of The Living - Bear McCreary
His work is much more low key here than his score for BSG (which remains one of my all-time favorite scores for any TV show OR movie) was, but it's still really good.
I love his score for the Sarah Connor chronicles.
There was an ad that I noticed before TWD premiered saying the score is available on iTunes.
I liked how the beginning of last night's episode, when Rick had another hallucination of Lori, Bear used the same piece of music, where Morgan had a hard time killing his walker wife in the pilot. Nice little parallel showing both men having a hard time letting go of their late wives.
Score was pretty awesome in the past two episodes.
Merle went out to some Ted Nugent. I like it
What's the name of the Terminator music that's been used in some of the episodes for season 3?
Never mind, I found it.

The Walking Dead OST - The Pulse

If AMC doesn't release the score now, after this finale, they can eat ****. :o
So dat finale... if he doesn't get an Emmy win, I'll be annoyed.

If he isn't NOMINATED, I'll rampage. :cmad:
Bear is one of the best composers in film/tv/videogames now a days. I've had the honor of speaking with him a few times, as I'm a composer myself. He definitely deserves an Emmy.
Loved that last track in the season 3 finale when they return to the prison with what's left of Woodbury.
I have to agree that I haven't found the score to this show that memorable...I loved his work on BSG, too, but I forget that he's the composer for this show until people bring it up in topics like this.

Ramin Djawadi for Game of Thrones or maybe the composer for Hannibal (who is that?) are probably my top picks for TV composers right now.

EDIT: The composer for Hannibal is Brian Reitzell.
Ramin Djawadi has done some amazing tracks. "Dracarys" and "Mhysa" from Game of Thrones are two of my favorites.

Brian Reitzell's music also adds a lot to Hannibal's unnerving atmosphere.
Bear's created plenty of memorable music for this show.
I probably need to hear it by itself...I do remember some bits of the score from last season really sticking out to me.

Schlosser85 said:
Ramin Djawadi has done some amazing tracks. "Dracarys" and "Mhysa" from Game of Thrones are two of my favorites.

"Pay The Iron Price" I think is my favorite, absolutely perfect score/visuals combination.
Love the title theme to this. Really love it

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