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Robbie Collin critic for the Telegraph called it a mess. Dw im always falling out with Robbie over his reviews.
I just got back from seeing the film at the UK Premiere. Quicksilvers scene got a massive cheer, thats never happened in the theatre around me before. It's a great film! And to my surprise

a lot of things are explained and answered that people have fears/doubts or questions about.
How do you get invited? do they send a letter or something?

Usually, you are on a list. Anyone on such a list will probably already be receiving press material from studios or their PR agencies.

But it can be very random. I've been at screenings and the other people there are the most weird and wonderful mixture. I once sat next to a woman from a mobile phone company that had received tons of invitations, another time to a man from a grocery store chain! Presumably they are thought to be influential, or they are just filling the seats.

I went to one screening (Fantastic Four: RoTSS) and there were loads of people there from TV and radio who had no idea who Fantastic Four were. Some of them didn't even like superheroes, there were some women who said they just liked weepy romance films. And they were invited there! Some of them had to write reviews.:doh:
So Quicksilver is a hit and a fan favourite much like Nightcrawler then. Let's sign Evan Peters for Apcoalypse! :)
Also when they call came in to introduce the film, they had a moment for Bryan Singer celebrating his achievement and they asked to clap for him.

I have a video of Patrick and Ian talking on stage which i'd upload soon
I was watching a film so im a coyple of hours behind. Hoping Total.Film and Daily Mail.enjoy it. Has Sci Fi review been posted yet? They loved it too.
Can anyone comment on what the score sounds like? Especially in comparison to the other ones?
I am annoyed/concerned that even variety say singer still cant make storm cool :S
Im British and from the UK. After going through all the tweets everybody at Empire loved it. Also all the film crictics i know and most i follow on Twitter did too..Dan Storey actually tweeted he would love to sit through it again.
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