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    Survey is here: https://goo.gl/forms/gfY31oJhmj7ojyMy1

    Good day,

    I am conducting a survey to find out audience sentiments towards the DCEU while also examining if age, sex and online communities explain some variances in opinions. Issues included are Snyder's vision, Whedon's decisions, Batfleck as well as casual and critical ratings of the films.

    Edit: As of 12/7/2017 Respondents are 733, 11% coming from SHH.

    Other notes:

    The survey has M/F as demographics.
    One question Light vs Dark tones is asked with no middle option.

    I aim to close this survey as soon as Tumblr and Reddit hits the 30%+ share or if I gathered 1000 respondents. Results will be posted in the DC films thread as soon as late December or delayed to early January.

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