Dead Rising 3

That's cool. I'm sure this game would be fun to play if you had everything unlocked. Not that it isn't already.
Best tip I can give on leveling up: max your melee first. The zombie spin combo kill it gives you gets you a crazy amount of XP. I just repeatedly ran into the center of the largest hordes I could find, did the move over and over and got to level 50 ridiculously quick.
I've played Dead Rising 1 and got half way and I completed Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. This is definitely the best one since you can save anywhere, make combo weapons, assuming you have the materials needed, anywhere, the map is pretty nice, the human AI for survivors isn't as annoying as it was in DR1, and you can even instantly get any weapons you have ever had by simply selecting it in a safehouse locker. I think Dead Rising 1 had better Psychopaths though.
thanks. I hope this at least gets a PC port next year
Dead Rising 3's first DLC episode delayed, now coming Jan. 21

(32 minutes ago)

Capcom has announced that "Operation Broken Eagle," the first DLC episode for Xbox One's zombie smasher Dead Rising 3, has been pushed back to January 21.

"Adding new content to the massive open world of Los Perdidos is a major undertaking, and to ensure we provide the best possible experience for players, we are putting a few additional weeks of polish and testing into the episode before it's released," an announcement from a Capcom spokesperson reads. "Stay tuned for additional updates." The first DLC episode was originally due on Christmas Eve, December 24.

Operation broken Eagle follows Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane, who is on the lookout for the missing President of the United States. The episode adds some new base weapons, one new combo weapon, an additional vehicle and some fresh threads to the game. It's the first of four planned DLC episodes that are part of Dead Rising 3's $30 season pass.

source: JoyStiq
thanks. I hope this at least gets a PC port next year
You think that's likely? I never paid attention to what kind of games usually get pc ports (before I actually started pc gaming).
I beat it today, well I technically beat it yesterday but today I beat Overtime Mode. I really enjoyed it, though the Overtime Mission was a pain in the ass. They made the game better by letting us save and make combo weapons instantly. I felt Dead Rising 1 was a bit of a chore to play at times, but Dead Rising 3 definitely improved on this. I'd give it an 8.5/10. The gameplay was really fun, the story was decent, the graphics were pretty nice, and the amount of zombies they got on the screen was insane.
You think that's likely? I never paid attention to what kind of games usually get pc ports (before I actually started pc gaming).

Capcom has been good about porting most of its recent titles from established IPs to PC so it could happen

  • Five Major Improvements Made By Dead Rising 3

    on Jan 06, 2014 at 08:29 PM

    During my time with the franchise’s third installment, I’m finding it to be a silly and fun experience without many of the hassles of the first two. Here are some of my favorite improvements.
    ... More
source: GI
Dead Rising 3 Gets A Giant 13GB Update This Week. January 20, 2014 . 12:58pm

Dead Rising 3 is getting a giant 13GB update this week, Microsoft have revealed.

Dead Rising 3 is getting a giant 13GB update this week, Microsoft have revealed. The update will introduce “Operation Broken Eagle,” the first of four DLC episodes for the game, alongside a number of tweaks and improvements based on feedback from players.

One particularly neat adjustment has specifically to do with the Xbox One controller, which has little rumble motors placed in its triggers. Now, when your gun is about to run out of ammo, the right trigger on the controller—which you use to shoot—will begin buzzing to make you aware that you’re low on ammunition.

The same thing will happen with weapons on vehicles as well. The haptic feedback is meant to serve as a more instinctive replacement for having to look at your HUD.

Meanwhile, the Operation Broken Eagle episode is a story that takes place before the events of Dead Rising 3, and has you playing as a military commander. Since all four DLC episodes are meant to focus on a single-player story, they won’t feature co-op.

The full list of tweaks for the Dead Rising 3 title update can be viewed here.

source: Siliconera & GI

How do I go about getting this update?
I tired, playing the game.
Taking the disk out and back in and playing it again.
Downloaded Broken Eagle and played it.
But never am I prompted about an update.

Unless it did it in the background when the Xbox is in low power mode.
Which would be cool, but some sort of notification would be nice that something was done to alter content on my Xbox.

edit: Never mind. I read if you have auto update on it will update the game in low power mode . Still it would be nice to have some sort of Notification "Dead Rising 3 has been updated"
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well I'm happy your issue was solved. Ok from last night

the writer from the game sleeping Dogs and the producer of the first season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy Tim Carter of Contradiction Films told the people of EPD.TV/ROTR in their EP live stream which is viewable for replay on their site about a lot of project's he's working on one of them is a series for Dead rising 3

A Dead Rising web series !

In this article it leads to a link to the video interview where all the details are



A live-action web series based on the Dead Rising franchise is in the early stages of development. We got the news exclusively from producer Tim Carter during our latest episode of EP Live. Tim is no stranger to adapting video games; He also produced the first season of the hit Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series.
“We’ve finished creative development on Dead Rising, we optioned Dead Rising from Capcom, and we’re now just finalizing a deal with a very large studio in Los Angeles. It’ll be live action, it’ll be cinematic quality, unlike on Mortal Kombat, it will be a linear story, so the episodes will string together for a single narrative that follows a package of characters. You know it’ll be a 90 minute story that looks and feels like a movie when it’s done, so cross your fingers.”
Tim stresses that the Dead Rising web series has yet to get a green light, so there’s still a chance that it may not rise from the grave. He’s also developing a web series based on the upcoming game The Mighty No. 9, and you can watch our full interview with Tim by clicking here.

Well we''ll see if it happens or not I guess
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Dead Rising 3 Fallen Angel DLC Available Now

on Feb 11, 2014 at 01:35 PM


The second DLC pack for Dead Rising 3 is available right now.
... more

and a Review is up for the DLC prior to it. and one that should have been put up earlire.


Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle DLC Review
Prepare for Operation Broken Eagle in Dead Rising 3.
Sysnopsis:it's a good excuse to
get back into dead rising 3, but both the characters and story are too

Scott's score 5.0 Vic's score 6.0

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Easily the best Dead Rising game I've ever played.. Easily. I did notice some choppiness/slow down..Oddly when it was me and the one mob guy...and nout THOUSANDS of zombies.. But other than that it's been pretty smooth.
The slow down and choppiness was definitely something that was hugely blown out of proportion
I bought a xbox360 instead of a ps3 for dead rising 1. Then I also got a ps3. Now, I'm gonna buy a ps4 and i know i'll never buy a xbox one. That said, I do hope Dead Rising 3 get a port on the ps4, or at the very least, that DR 4 is a multiplatform game, just like DR 2 was.
No longer X1 exclusive. Will definitely trying

Haha, so much for this:
"Definitely not a timed exclusive, it's an Xbox One game," said rep briefly detailed. "We see a lot of this online. It's not coming to PS4 or PC." It's also apparently "excellent", though you'll have to take Jonty's word for that. And also Aoife's. Here's a bit of insight from her.
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DR1 was an xbox exclusive, and DR2 and 2.5 were released on the ps3. So that doesn't surprise me. I'm sure DR4 will be released on the ps4.
I thought it was weird that it was an exclusive considering how the franchise went multiplat with DR2 (well, technically, even the first game if we count the Wii game). I don't think it's too out of the question for a PS4 version to pop up fairly soon.
DR1 was an xbox exclusive, and DR2 and 2.5 were released on the ps3. So that doesn't surprise me. I'm sure DR4 will be released on the ps4.
to be fair DR1 did get ported to the Wii, so it didn't remain an Xbox exclusive
True, I forgot about that. I would be all for a ps4 port of DR3.
I always found it odd for Capcom to play the exclusive game with the way their finances are.
I think it's because Capcom always finds a way out of said deal. They do it for the money (I assume it's a lot) and then a year or two later we somehow get DR3: SUPER ZOMBREX EDITION on PS4 or whatever.. I don't know how they do it but they somehow do.
Does Capcom actually do that a lot? I can't really think of any examples off the top of my head
I wouldnt say alot bc most of their games are multiplatform. Examples off the top of my head of going from exclusive to porting over would be the Resident Evil series actually. RE4, Revelations, Darkside Chronicles and Umbrella Chronicles were all Nintendo exclusives, but then Capcom ported them over to Sony systems

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