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Oh yeah, I guess that is true. I didn't know the Wii games got ported to the PS3, though.
I'm a huge zombie fan - is this zombitastic enough to get a One and not a PS4?
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Dead Rising Movie Finds Director

The Dead Rising movie is one step closer to reality, because it's sunk its teeth into a director. The Wrap reports that the film will be helmed by Zach Lipovsky, the director behind the upcoming WWE horror movie Leprechaun: Origins. Before that,, Lipovsky worked as a director and visual effects supervisor on plenty of short films and TV movies. Dead Rising will only be his second feature film, and his biggest project by far. The Dead Rising film is being financed by Legendary Entertainment and Crackle. It will be a feature-length movie that will debut first on Crackle in its entirety, and then be chopped up and released episodically on other platforms around the globe. It was first announced earlier this year by producer/writer Tim Carter right here on You watch that complete interview, where he also announces an adaptation of the new video game Mighty No. 9, by clicking here.


Report: Dead Rising movie digs up a director

(4 hours ago)

Zach Lipovsky has been tapped to direct the straight-to-Crackle Dead Rising movie adaptation we mentioned a few months back, according to The Wrap.

If the name doesn't ring any bells for you, don't worry, it shouldn't. Lipovsky began his Hollywood career as a child actor before moving into visual effects. It's only recently that Lipovsky has segued into the director's chair and the vast majority of his work to date has been in TV movies. His most notable credit is Leprechaun: Origins, a recent reboot of the cult-classic Leprechaun horror franchise starring Dylan Postl, a diminutive professional wrestler better known to fans of the WWE as "Hornswoggle."

While Lipovsky's IMDB listing doesn't offer much hope for the Dead Rising adaptation, the film is being produced by Contradiction Films, the same people responsible for the surprisingly good Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series. Hopefully, the positive karma from that project carries over to Capcom's timeless tale of survival among hordes of the hungry dead.
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Source: The Wrap

The new DLC is so might be the thing that breaks me and get an Xbox...


Dead Rising Movie Cast Announced

A few familiar faces are going to be killing zombies in the Dead Rising movie. The makers of the film adaptation have announced their lead cast. The hero will be played by Dallas veteran Jesse Metcalfe, with Once Upon a Time's Meghan Ory as the leading lady. Horror movie veteran Virginia Madsen will also join the zombie-killing fun, along with 24 President Dennis Haysbert. If you want to be in the film yourself, you can. The producers are looking for talented Dead Rising fans to play zombies, so you can send the best pictures of yourself in undead makeup to the film’s official Twitter and Facebook account using the #watchdeadrising hashtag.
The film, known as Dead Rising: Watchtower, will be directed by Zach Lipovsky, who last worked on the horror movie Leprechaun: Origins. They’re currently in pre-production, with shooting slated to begin soon. Writer and Producer Tim Carter, who also worked on Mortal Kombat: Legacy, recently gave us an exclusive interview about the film, and you watch part of that by clicking here.
Dead Rising: Watchtower will be released on Crackle in its entirety next year, and then be chopped up and released episodically on other platforms around the globe.

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Dead Rising film director: It's 'Indiana Jones with zombies'

(1 hour ago)

The Dead Rising digital film in production under Legendary Digital Media has an original storyline with new heroes and a new city, set between Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 3, director Zach Lipovsky tells SlashFilm. There will be "familiar faces," too, Lipovsky says, before teasing original Dead Rising protagonist Frank West: "I can't reveal too much, but the character has covered wars, you know."

Lipovsky describes the tone of the film as "Indiana Jones with zombies." He wants to recreate the series' massive hordes, even with a smaller, straight-to-digital film budget. "Pretty much every person I know has already emailed me saying they want to be a zombie, so I think we'll be fine," Lipovsky says. "We are also planning a long one-take action shot with hundreds of zombies, which I'm very excited about .... Online there is no ratings board, there is no run time limit, there are no rules. This is an experiment for Legendary, and they have been incredibly willing to take creative risks."

The film, dubbed Dead Rising: Watchtower, will be one 90-minute movie on Sony's streaming service, Crackle, but it will be episodic on other platforms, Lipovsky says. See the cast list below. Continue Reading

source: EPN.TV& SlashFilm
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Frank West Joins Dead Rising Movie

A familiar character from the Dead Rising video games is going to be back in the Dead Rising movie. Frank West, the main character of the first game and a DLC character for the second, will appear in the new film Dead Rising: Watchtower. He’ll be played by Rob Riggle, best known for appearing in action comedies like 21 Jump Street and Let’s Be Cops. The producers have also announced that Epic Meal Time host Harley Morenstein will appear in the film, along with Bates Motel co-star Keegan Connor Tracy. Other cast members Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, Virginia Madsen, and Dennis Haysbert were announced last month. You can watch our exclusive interview with the team behind the film by clicking here.
Dead Rising: Watchtower takes place during a large-scale zombie outbreak. When a mandatory government vaccine fails to stop the infection from spreading, the four leads must evade infection while also pursuing the root of the epidemic, with all signs pointing to a government conspiracy. Politics, public paranoia, and media coverage play an important role in the story’s narrative.
The feature-length Dead Rising: Watchtower will be released on Crackle next year in North America, with a DVD release to follow after that. The film will then be chopped up and released episodically on other platforms around the globe.

Also if you want to see what he looks like

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Dead Rising: Watchtower takes a bite out of Crackle in March

(8 hours ago)

Dead Rising: Watchtower, the Crackle-exclusive adaptation of Capcom's over-the-top zombie survival franchise Dead Rising, now has a release date: March 27.

Scant plot information on Watchtower is available, though comedian Rob Riggle has been cast as photojournalist Frank West, suggesting that the film could be linked to either of the two games that feature West as protagonist. Beyond Riggle, the cast includes Meghan Ory (Once Upon A Time), Jesse Metcalfe (Dallas, Desperate Housewives) and Virginia Madsen (Candyman, Sideways).

According to Crackle parent company Sony, following its initial debut on the streaming video platform, Dead Rising: Watchtower will also appear on DVD, TV and video on demand services.
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source: The Hollywood Reporter
Guys, this game lowered it's price for now, is it worth it? And yeah, I played the first two games and enjoyed them as well.
Dead Rising 2 Moves From GFWL To Steamworks (With Some Limitations). March 17, 2015 . 12:29pm

Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record are transitioning from Games For Windows Live to Steamworks today.

Dead Rising 2
and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record are transitioning from Games For Windows Live to Steamworks today. Additionally, Capcom are facilitating the transfer of save data from GFWL to Steam so you can keep all your progress.

Unfortunately, there are a few hiccups in the process. If you purchased a digital copy of the game directly from the GFWL marketplace, you will not be able to transition over to Steamworks, since there’s no authentication option available. For these players, Capcom say that their GFWL titles will continue to “function normally”.

Meanwhile, if you’ve purchased a retail package GFWL version of the game, you can use the GFWL activation code and redeem it on Steam to get a free copy of the Steamworks version. However, DLC is another matter.

Capcom write: “Unfortunately, DLC content purchased directly from Microsoft’s GFWL Marketplace store will not carry over to Steam due to the lack of CD/activation key. Those who wish to play the game with their DLC can continue to do so with the GFWL version of the game installation and under the GFWL service.”

Read more stories about Dead Rising 2 & Dead Rising 2: Off the Record & PC on Siliconera.

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EP Exclusive! Director Zach Lipovsky on Dead Rising: Watchtower
In an EP Exclusive, Marissa chats with director Zach Lipovsky about the new movie Dead Rising: Watchtower, based on the hit zombie video games.

source: Siliconera & EPN.TV

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