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Nov 26, 2004
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I used the search function and saw nothing dealing exclusively with Deadly Genesis so...I figured I'd just throw it out there. So if there is one...forgive me and link me. And this may have some spoilers if you're waiting for the trade away now.

Anywho, I happened to reread my five issues of DG (there was a question I wanted answered...but when I started reading it, I forgot it so oops, lol) and I have two theories.

1) It's possible that Vulcan is actually Darwin with all three of the others' personalities in him (with Vulcan being dominant). Reason for this is, you could explain that Darwin should have found a way to survive in space and the mutant energy whipping out into the atmosphere would not have necessarily resurrected a person but instead transformed that person giving them new powers. After all, we have seen all of Moira's X-Team's powers except for Darwin's: Petra's from the ground reaching up and grabbing the shuttle, Sway's with the flashbacks the gang is experiencing, and Vulcan...well...duh.

2) The other three either survived and escaped or were also resurrected and Vulcan doesn't know about them. Half of the reason is the above stated reasons, their powers keep showing up but also, Rachel says something to Vulcan about "that trick you pulled with Jean" (or something to that effect) and his reply says, "sorry to disappoint.." and then he gets cut off. Now to me, that says that he doesn't even know about these flashbacks that Kurt and Kitty and Havok are experiencing. Which could mean the rest are alive somewhere.

Just wanted to see if anyone else had heard/thought anything about this.
I only got up till 4, but I like the first theory. We've seen the powers of Petra in the very first issue and it would explain why his level is way past Omega, like Rachel keeps saying
i like it, i was wondering why there were nightcrawler & havok flashbacks and earth grabing the plane, when Vulcan's powers are only energy manipulation.

i assumed it was just a mistake on the part of the writers
I just got 5... what a let down!!! Xavier just walks there??? No one even says "Professor! We've been looking!" Goddess this book is going to the dogs...
Yes, because as we ALL know, everyone is certainly capable of immediately changing to another topic when having just had a bunch of crap just heaped on them.

Here, let me translate that, just so I don't have to later: Consider -everything- that, for one, Cyclops just found out. Consider, also, that they have this insanely powerful mutant in front of them. Would YOU divert your attention from the situation to say hi to Xavier and tell him you've been looking all over for him?

Yeah, because I know I would. :up: :rolleyes: One would think that could probably wait until after the situation at hand is dealt with.

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