Deadpool 3 Deadpool 3 News and General Discussion Thread

Well I hope they can keep that date, but then after Ant-Man and the Marvels, they should take their time.
Deadpool should generate more interest than the last few MCU movies. We get to see Jackman/Wolverine that is a boost similar to Sony having the previous Parker's. He is going to joke on the current state of the MCU or that they need him. I really liked Deadpool 1 but the 2nd one was just okay, it had some moments. This I am hoping goes up to 1 level.
I'm only eXcited for the FoX-Men.

Unlike The Marvels, I don't want a sequel (Deadpool 4).
Deadpool coming to save the MCU and movies. Almost like poetry in its serendipitous nature.
The MCU, sure. Movies? Tom Cruise and Barbenheimer saved movies on their own already!
Even without Barbenheimer - No Way Home and Avatar 2 grossed more worldwide.

Movies, or in this matter, cinemas would always be around. Though only few would really breakout at the boX office, especially with streaming.
Well, there was no question that Avatar 2 would make bank except from those who foolishly doubted that Cameron could deliver another billion-dollar Avatar.
As for Deadpool saving the MCU, it will take more than 1 film to save the Mcu. They need to cancel/trim down their annual originals coming straight to Disney+. When it comes to future movies, the success of Deadpool wouldn't guarantee that Captain America, Fantastic 4, Thunderbolts and Blade wouldn't flop in 2025. Those need to be good, marketed well and released at the right time. Dumping them all in 2025, is not wise imo. Who knows if Avengers 5 and 6 aren't critical failure, etc.
Unless the trailers look bad, which I doubt, Deadpool 3 will be one of MCU's highest grossing movies.
But. I don't think the MCU will return to the glory days ever again. It's gonna have its big movies here and there, sure, but the days of each installment being "we gotta go see the next one!" are gone. Superhero fatigue is real.
That will surely happen when if the current 2025 release slate happens. Not all of those are gonna be boX office hits at this rate, even if they are good.

But MCU has already released 33 movies in just 15 years, so it was a bit of record that they didn't have a flop until their 33rd movie.
Looks like we are going to do some time traveling from those pics.
i wanted the classic Sabretooth comiX look, not the X1 long hair look.
If I can see James Marsden in the classic colors I will die a happy man.
Also Tyler Mane's Sabretooth does nothing for me. I was really hoping to see Liev as a more visually accurate Creed. I haven't given up hope though.
Probably a stuntman, but I've still always found that iteration to be boring in terms of design and characterization. Even as a 10 year old lol.
So does this means the Toad version that will appear, will be similar to X1 Toad?

Its crazy in a cool way, that they are bringing back villains from the first X-Men film. My God, 25 years is a long time. I said 25 years, since X1 was filmed in 1999 and Deadpool will be out in 2024.

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