The Dark Knight Rises Deleted / Alternative Scenes cut from the movie


Dec 6, 2006
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Put them here!

One of the biggest I can think of the Tumbler crashing into the exploded street and flipping over. Not to mention the footage of the turret Tumbler shooting City Hall and the regular Tumbler driving up the steps while it shoots.
"I swore to them I would protect you and I haven't."
Damn. I loved the shot with the tumbler shooting and when the turret is rising. Is it another take or is it not shown at all? There was a shot in the mountain dew commercial where it shows the turret rising. Is that in the movie?
Sadly we only know the Foley scene was cut because we had that photo. Every movie has tons of scenes cut. It seems only ones like this get flack for doing it for some reason. It's part of good movie editing. You have to let some stuff go. Trim the fat.
There are shots of the turret rising on the tumbler and firing at various things. However that shot from the trailers and tv spots of it at the base of city hall firing at the pillars isn't in the movie.
Adding to the previous ones

- Gordon at Foley's house and explosions occur

- Bat and Catpod leaving Gotham through tunnel

- Foley pulling the pink undies out of his pocket

- Lots of climax chase footage of Catoman/Bat attacking the caravan

- Catpod leaving city hall.
I get the editing process, but to dig up a large portion of a city street and throw out all the hard work that seemed to go into that tumbler stunt. Sure it didn't effect the story, it just seems so wasted to cut something that had so much effort go into it.
Alfred's trailer 2 line wasn't necessary. Everything in that sentence was already in the dialogue. I didn't pay much attention to other cut footage.
Trailers and tv spots are deceiving. I remember BB trailers and tv spots had cool dialogue from Bruce yet it was never featured in the movie. Rises had some lines where the delivery was different than that of the trailers also. Obviously, Nolan wasn't finished with the film until these last few months. I would love a directors cut with an alternative ending but I know that won't happen.
I get this feeling maybe this time around we may get a director's cut (though it doesn't seem very Nolan) with all the action shots not seen as a bonus. I remember when they showed Foley on the ground, I just thought to myself, "that would have literally taken one second to show that scene, why did they cut it lol"
Here it is in case anyone missed the full shot:
That scene with Foley also would have really helped redeem his character with him pulling that officer out of the way of that Tumbler.
Foley's death was very well done, imo. Not taking the deleted stuff into account.

I loved the way Talia said, "Kill them all", it stayed on her reaction, and the next thing we see is Foley on the ground.

Now THIS, I do not understand why they took out.
That shot is so damn good. I seriously don't understand why it wasn't in the film.
The extended version is even better. The one with two waitresses looking at the camera and giving him a welcome nod. Very Kubrick.
What I love about the shot was that it was like Bruce was entering the world again so to speak.
Please, stop making me hate the idea of it being taken out even more. :(
I think Nolan was afraid of cool shots

BB - Batman standing atop Wayne Tower (back to camera), spreads wings and jumps off ... would have been right before Gordon sees him glide over after the monorail crash

TDK - Batman running atop the cop cars before leaving to save Rachel

TDKR - all the 'reaction' shots cut in to the Bane/Batman sewer fight ... I don't need to see the guy with the beard watching. Or in the final battle scene, cutting some of Batman's approach to meeting Bane, and then immediately cutting away once they start fighting (thankfully, much of that fight was caught on camera by people around the set)
Hines ward turning after the touchtown, and his reaction ... Cut. In the film it seems less joke-ey
After it hit me that Catwoman wasn't riding down those stairs, I kind-of exploded inside.

That scene had better be on the bluray/dvd extras. I waited over a year to see that, I was really sad. :csad:

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