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The Dark Knight Dentmobile map is up!

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Sep 26, 2005
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Apparently this is a new development, cause I don't see a thread for it yet.

UPDATE: The Wiki has been updated with public Google Calendars (sorted by region) with all of the current dates and locations.

Apparently this is a new development, cause I don't see a thread for it yet.

I'm currently busying myself by setting up a public Google Calendar with all of the dates and locations. LA seems to be first, with a visit this Thursday in Santa Monica.
Crap the one closest to me is this Friday! But it's payday so I will have the gas money!
I will be at this one
Cincinnati, OH

March 14th:

Cincinnati Mills Shopping Area - 601 Cincinnati Mills Dr.

Kenwood Town Centre - 7875 Montgomery Rd

Main Street Entertainment District - E 12th St. at Main

and if I can't make it to that one I will go to this one:

South Bend, IN

March 22th:

Walmart: 3701 Portage Rd.

South Bend Downtown: Jefferson and Main

Showplace 16: 450 W. Chippewa Ave.
Alright, guys. Who's going to be in LA? I'll probably be at Venice Beach, so hope to see anyone there!
Has anyone else noticed the typo?

March 22th

hadn't noticed...good eye!

so do you all think that they will have the same stuff at all 3 locations, or will it be like a scavenger hunt type thing or what?
This sucks. I wont be around for any of them!

By the time I go to Cali for Spring break they will be gone and by the time I go to Chicago I wont be here either.

This sucks!
The biggest typo I almost missed was Arlington, WV. Those street intersections are actually in Arlington, VA. Looks like they're there on Thursday and then Friday they spend the day in Washington DC. I almost missed those, which would've sucked because they're only like 15 minutes from where I live!
Im going to Phili on Saturday :up:
Where will the Texas ones be? Dallas, I hope...

The closest one is Columbus?!
Must find a ride!

I won't be back in Chicago until the 14th so I have to miss the Dent mobile! :cmad: I wish they had an extra day for Chi-town....
I'll be in New York for a lot of them. Tomorrow's probably the best at Rockafeller Center, since I can go right from there to work. Plus, there'll be a few around NYU, so I may hit those for a few moments.

Can't wait! This is going to be a lot of fun.
I work a few blocks from the Chicago stop (it's the first one right?) So I'll post on my lunch break what was going down.
I work a few blocks from the Chicago stop (it's the first one right?) So I'll post on my lunch break what was going down.
Yep...I posted a whole thread just for Chicago. We can discuss there what we plan on doing tomorrow, and then report back on this thread what actually happened.

I'm hoping for free stuff!

I am also contemplating getting a Joker good clan together...possibly defacing the Dent campaign...eh? eh? eh?

Very nice. Going to 3rd street promenade here in L.A. tomorrow and I'm flying out to Minneapolis on the 20th. Good times.
Aaaaa why couldn't they have given us more notice!! I can't make it Thursday!!
I'll be at the NYC one on Friday at West 4th Street. I'd go tomorrow but I have my thesis midterm presentation all day.
OMG! The Dentmobile is coming to SF on the day before my birthday. What a sweet present!
Damn, no Dentmobile for Miami, FL...the closest I get is Gainesville :csad:
Wow, they are not only coming to Indiana but they are coming to ShowPlace 16 in South Bend, which is the movie theatre I constantly attend. I'm going to thank the Notre Dame Fighting Irish for making South Bend a notable place on the map.
Alright! Something on a Saturday! Now I don't have to miss work at all, and I can still get my Viral on!
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