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Diamond Select Thor any other pics?


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Nov 4, 2004
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I've seen the ones on Diamond's Site, are there any from behind?
I'm hoping that the Figure will be at my LCS on the 15th, Just planning ahead of where to put it.
These are what I have, I'm curious about the "floating" stand and how it attaches to a wall, and I want to see the back of the figure.

i'm going to get him regardless due to it's sheer badassery.
Should be 2009 MAYBE early 2010, depending on delays.
Vaughn and Protosevich were working on Script cuts when the Writer Strike started, not sure how far behind that made them.
Marvel had told them that the 1st draft of the script would have cost 300MIL to make, they were told to cut it by half.
heres a few from new york toy fair. don't know if they help or not


It does help with height, Invincible THANKS! I must have looked in the wrong sites for Toy faire pics. All I found were the Ares/NewThor superhero Squad.
Wow, that is a great Thor! I really like his new look in the comics
Yeah I love the New version too.
I wish they would make a Simonson Armour Thor and Rune Thor to finish up Thor's major phases.

When ever the movie comes out you KNOW we'll finally have most of the major Asgardians, unless the animated Son of Asgard brings some interst in the other characters, cuz I've been wanting an Odin and Warriors Three forever!
I'll probably pick this one up. I really love the new outfit.
The Thor figure has finally been released, though apparently Diamond wasn't able to get the figure to their warehouse in New York in time for this weeks shipments, so those in the eastern and midwest states will probably have to wait until next week to get him. The final figure looks awesome from the pictures I saw on Fwoosh.
just got mine today.. pretty bad ass.. will post pics later. he looks like he can easily fit in with ML's too

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