The Dark Knight Rises Did the 2008 recession happen in these movies?


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Sep 17, 2012
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This is Nolan's first Batman film he's made post-recession, and it has a lot of post-recession imagery/themes.

However, do you think that the recession actually happened in this movie universe?

Is the imagery there just for the parallels to our real world problems, or is the imagery also a way to show that the recession did in fact happen and that Nolan just doesn't want to be heavy-handed with dialogue addressing it.

Mark talks about there being 'no work' and the kids working in the tunnels like its a recent thing.

Is that why the league are coming back now? Despite the lack of organized crime, corrupt bankers and the wealth gap that results from their actions is 'injustice' in the eyes of the League, and the only way to truly fix the system is to be reboot it/reduce it to rubble ("must be allowed to die", as Ra's would say). Or would they always have come back, despite a recession, because they think the system is inherently unjust/corrupt? I ask, because it seemed like Ra's was only referring to the influence of the organized crime/the mob back in BB, which Nolan wrote pre-recession obviously. Maybe it would take the recession for the league to see Gotham as a city with ample corruption via its bankers/rich.
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I think all the films reflected some modern issues but then cloaked them in a more universal approach. I agree that they definitely tackled the 1% issue which is certainly a part of the 2008 recession. The disparity and disgusting use of power seemed to get to Bane specifically. Definitely fit their description of corruption.
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I'd hardly say they tackled the 1% thing, more like mention it in passing conversation.
By tackled I meant it was included, not that it was dwelled upon. But it was definitely a recurring theme throughout the film.
I dont think the environment is detailed to that point. It is obviously influenced by the disparity that the evolution of societies generate , and the awareness of it.
It definitely happened. Nolan wanted us draw parallels from our own experiences so he didn't actually have to explore his themes.

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