Digital Marvel Codes Question


Jun 15, 2012
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I have a few of them and, really, they aren't much use to me since I own the physical copies. I was wondering if we would be able to trade them here for other comic codes or if anyone knows of a place where that is possible.
I don't know that there is a place for trading nor do I think Marvel would be terribly happy about it. :p

I personally find the codes useful because I am thinking of down the road as we become more and more of a digital people. I like having them ready and on hand as backups. :)
Well maybe if Marvel didn't charge $4 for biweekly books, I wouldn't have to get so creative. :p
I hate the double shipping as much as anyone, and I've been buying from them a long time. I won't cheat on the codes though. It's stealing. :(
How is it stealing? I'm selling/trading something that's mine. :l
Because technically Marvel loses a sale on every code traded. :) It's kinda like copying a CD. If both of you copied a CD and traded, the music company has lost two sales it otherwise would have had.
That'd make more sense if I were scanning the pages of the comic and selling them or something. I'm sure the business savvy folks at Marvel foresaw these things happening.
I am sure they did, which is why it is my belief that they will try to shut down any public site sharing codes, saying those are your codes and that trading them openly would not be legit. Like Napster, lol. No trades.
I read on the site with no name that people are selling their unused codes on eBay. I haven't looked for myself, though.
Maybe Marvel wouldn't care if you traded your codes --maybe -- but I would think they would have a serious problem with you selling them. :(
I sell some of my digital codes for $1 and am hoping to find other people who want to buy the rest. That makes the comics more affordable, and I don't see it as being any different than if I sold my comics to half priced books and someone else bought them for a dollar (which is exactly what happens).
Well, then. Is there anybody out there who would be interested in trading codes?

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