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Sep 16, 2012
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Supposing WB ever wanted to make a live-action film adaptation of the animated DCAU series Batman Beyond, who do you think should direct?

Could Tim Burton be a good idea since he directed one of the very first Batman films(not counting the Adam West one)? Based on his directing style, could he direct a live-action film version of a high-tech and sleek future that Batman Beyond presented?
This would be better then another reboot to say the least
I really think WBs should go the Beyond route. It would make sense and would give them necessary time to make a bigger gap between Nolan's Batman and the eventual new rebooted Bruce Wayne Batman.

As for director no idea tbh.
Tim Burton has the ability to direct a Batman Beyond movie. But the question is do I want him to? Does he himself even want to? From what I've read he's put Batman far behind him; and I certainly wouldn't want an unmotivated director, no matter how appropriate to direct Batman. I am much more interested in hungry new blood. Directors who have all the talent in the world with youth to spare who haven't broken out yet.
I say go Batman Beyond for the solo's. Then keep Batman modern for the Justice League / Team Up Stuff. The audience is not stupid
I am not that interested in a BBeyond movie to be honest.
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Batman Beyond is a recipe for success. The Batman name will garner instant attention, the futuristic scifi setting will create buzz among nerds, old grumpy Bruce will attract the Amour crowd, a well done teenage romance will bring in more women than the franchise traditionally has, and kickass futuristic action can bring in the dudes.
I say with a risky venture, go all out and give either Rian Johnson or Joseph Kosinski a crack at it.
A BBeyond movie could be incredible, and it would ensure the casual fan can be introduced to a whole new Batman world. The cartoon was great and definately added something to Batman for me as a casual fan.

Terry McGuinness is a good protagonist to follow as well, especially with old man Bruce helping him out in the background.
It has a very Blade Runner-ish cyberpunk feel, but guys like Ridley, Proyas, and even Kosinski are kind of on the nose. I want someone who has to get their feet wet in that genre.
Batman Beyond is lame. I enjoyed it as a cartoon show, but I have zero interest in anything called batman that is not bruce wayne. I don't know why some think we need a beyond movie, I say keep rebooting bruce wayne for at least the next 20 years
I would love it if the next batman movie (after JLA) was directed by rian Johnson starring jgl as Bats, set 10-15 years after tdkr. (Slightly futuristic gadgets/suit/vehicles)

Alfred's death leads Bruce back to Gotham. He decides to mentor Blake, Batman Beyond style.

((If they ever want to bring Robin into it, then introduce Damien (since Blake already is Dick/Jason/Tim in the nolanverse), giving Bruce a real reason to stick around Gotham.))
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Now here's something I'm wondering regarding the plausible Batman Beyond movie...should they make it a stand-alone film in it's own universe or should it tie into the Tim Burton films with Michael Keaton being made to look in his 80's by a professional make-up artist(I just like the idea of having a past Batman actor come in to pass on the torch because it's symbolic to me).
I think it should be in its own continuity. But Michael Keaton and Nicholson coming back would still be really cool.
Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy), Ridley Scott (Blade Runner), Rian Johnson (Looper) or Pete Travis (Dredd).
Duncan Jones, Rian Johnson or Matthew Vaughn, with music by Daft Punk
Poo. I was going to say "Duncan Jones" as a joke, but someone said it for real.
Ridley Scott seems the obvious choice. I like Alex Proyas too.
I don't really see what qualifies Burton to do a Batman movie in the first place, much less a high tech one. :whatever:
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Burton was chosen back then because they wanted to go with a more tortured creepy Batman as opposed to the 60s version everyone was familiar with.

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