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Dirt & Grime with Perfect Teeth & Hair: Post-Apocalyptic Shows

Lily Adler

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Aug 24, 2011
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Since they're all the rage now with Revolution and The Walking Dead, I wanted to start a thread dedicated to the genre. What other apoclypses would make great television and which one of the current crop is the best?
I've never seen any of those. However, I seen a spot for Revolution that showed Gus Fring in the show. I got interested and then I forgot about it.
Yeah I'm gonna level with ya. I tried getting into it, but there's something about Revolution I don't quite like.
Adventure Time is the best.
Haven't checked out Falling Skies yet, but Revolution and Walking dead have both failed to impress me so far. Love the Walking Dead comic, but the show is one that I keep wondering why I still watch every week.
Adventure time at least keeps me interested, Completely unpredictable and very creative. Some of the most creative writing I've seen on TV in a long time. The emotional parts actually work, and the music is awesome.
And Adventure time has bad teeth! Only one that got it right!
Oh right! I forgot Adventure Time takes place after some apocalyptic event (The Great Mushroom War).

I actually wouldn't mind FOX dabble in the genre with a Planet of the Apes television series. :hmm
The Walking Dead! Although I also enjoy Adventure Time.

I tried watching Falling Skies and Revolution, but the pretty people pretending to live in an apocalyptic future while maintaining perfect hair, designer stubble (on the menfolk) and teeth annoyed me.
The Walking Dead is the best by far, unless they do a series based on the RPG Rifts.
The Walking Dead is the best out of these shows, but that's not exactly high praise.

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