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Excellent reason to never move to Texas. (Or any other southern Red State, really.)
Anti-abortion people always talk up the instances where supposedly unviable pregnancies are carried to term and the baby is healthy. Yet how much more often are the doctors correct? They ignore that part.
Its troubling to watch men are making these threats and decisions. I am not a very religous man, in fact, truth be told, i find organized religion to be a scam and religion in general is a man made concept, its as real as Harry Potter or Garfield, just my opinion, i dont discourage anyone from believing what you want, there are over 4,000 religions in this world, and religion has been around since humans could think, to try and explain things we could not understand, and have taken many forms since the dawn of civilization.
That said, each religion is different on their opinions of life, the catholic bible states that live begins three breaths after birth, some religions are perfectly fine with abortion.
My stand is simple and one i have had since i formed an opinion on it, its the womens choice, i was under the impression, perhaps i am wrong, but we have been told since a young age, we live in a country, where we are free to chose are own destiny and make their own choices, and i understand that for the longest time in human history, the man rules and women did what they were told, but thats not the world we live in now, yes, there are many places were that still exists, but most western counties including the United States claim women have equal rights, now that is a long way from reality, but still its there and we all hope that will one day be true, so, if a man, in this country has the right to do whatever floats into their mind, no matter how stupid, its their choice and right, so here we are, you might not agree with abortion, i dont agree with it, but its first, none of my business, its none of your business, its none of the churches business and its none of the governments business, its the womens business, and she should make that choice without harassment or threat, and if 20 years later she regrets it, thats for her to make peace with.
It in no way affects me, or you, if that is something you have dealt with, i hope it was done in a loving and respectful way, i apologize if this was abit preachy, but, as much as someone thinks its their business to tell someone what to do based off a book, written by man, changed numerous time by man, then maybe you need to look deeper into yourself and see what have you done to be what Jesus taught, i can tell you, he never talked about abortion, he only wanted you to feed the hungry and help thy neighbor.
A majority of justices will reportedly dismiss the case as “improvidently granted”, meaning the supreme court should not have accepted the case. The reasoning behind the dismissal is not clear, but it would reinstate a lower court’s order that had allowed Idaho hospitals to perform abortions in cases where a woman’s health may be endangered, Bloomberg reported. The state’s law currently only allows abortions when a woman’s “life” is in danger – a much higher threshold.

Lifting this order would allow litigation to continue in lower courts – which means it could theoretically reach the high court again at a later date.

The copy of the opinion obtained by Bloomberg may not be final and could be changed. In the copy viewed by Bloomberg, the justices vote 6-3 to dismiss the case, with Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch – all conservatives – joining the dissent.

Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson reportedly expressed reservations with the decision to dismiss the case – even though she joined it – since it leaves the door open for the issue to come back before the court.

“Today’s decision is not a victory for pregnant patients in Idaho. It is delay,” the liberal justice wrote, according to Bloomberg.

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