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Emotions are disconnected from reality and facts, that's what Colbert mocked during the Bush years. All humans are guilty of this in some forms no matter their political persuasion.


When it comes to combating the country’s high levels of violence, Sheinbaum has said she plans on continuing her predecessor’s “hugs, not bullets” policy of not directly taking on criminal organizations that have gained control over large parts of Mexico as they fight for territory to traffic drugs into the U.S., make money from migrant smuggling and extort residents to fuel their illicit enterprise.

López Obrador’s policy has not significantly helped reduce killings over the past six years, as Mexican government data shows that at least 102,400 homicides have been reported in that period. But the data also shows that the strategy of López Obrador’s predecessors — pursuing drug lords in an all-out war — did not improve safety either.


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