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Discussion: Gay Rights XIV

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Rubio is looking out for 2016. Though this will obviously backfire. Republicans (or at least the ones backing this immigration bill) are hoping it will get them some Latino votes. It probably will. Maybe a few thousand. But those currently illegal aliens who will be naturalized will remember who made their lives miserable, and vote Democrat.

Combine that with changing attitudes towards gays... Rubio is in for a rough presidential election.

Even though I imagine Chris Christie will sink him anyway.

With Rand Paul and Chris Christie, I just don't see any room for Rubio in the primaries. The GOP establishment types, the donor base, and moderates are going to favor Christie (he's essentially a more competent Mitt Romney), while the Tea Party types are going to favor Paul (a vastly more competent Michelle Bachmann). Add in the inevitable evangelical/blue collar nominee like another Rick Santorum run (who knows how to run a good campaign with his extremely limited resources and dwindling base), there is just no way Rubio has any shot.

It really has nothing to do with Rubio's attitude towards gays and immigrants, it all comes down to that there are three nominees that are just going to suck up all the money, attention, and most of the voters. The GOP voters that Rubio would like to attract (GOP establishment and Tea Party) have been taken already.
Not only shutting down, but they also issued an apology for "years of undue judgment".

I think this is a sign of an evolution in evangelical Christianity.

I don't see them supporting gay marriage any time soon, and issues like school prayer and acceptance of basic science will always be an issue, but spreading hateful lies about the gay community must be so exhausting and wasteful a process, I see evidence that fundamentalists are more and more willing to give this up.
I was absolutely shocked by this.

Of course, in the grand tradition of modern capitalism, they will apologize for all their past wrongs, but won't give anyone their money back. :oldrazz:
Why should they? Money was paid for services rendered. Doesn't matter if it's a snake-oil job.

Now, if they get sued, that's another matter.
I still cannot believe they actually issued an APOLOGY to the gay community.
Dominoes are falling faster and faster
Yes they are. If the Supreme Court decision doesn't go in favor of equality, it may galvanize pro-gay support even further.
Yes they are. If the Supreme Court decision doesn't go in favor of equality, it may galvanize pro-gay support even further.

My money is on DOMA getting invalidated and Prop 8 being declared a State issue and stays the same. I wouldn't be surprised if in the case of Prop 8 that they just don't declare it N/A and not vote on it under the basis it is a States issue
I'll be very surprised if DOMA doesn't get struck down.
Wouldn't it have been ironic if Jefferson had written it:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Gayness.
Well, Justice Scalia, there's no right to heterosexual conduct in the Constitution either.

The Constitution isn't there to tell people what they can and can't do.

It's there to tell the Government what it can and can't do.
...well said Wieg. I just wonder if we'll get the rulings tomorrow.
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