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Did you hear how Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is responsible for the death of 83 Samoans, most of them young children? He’s objectively a terrible person, one who has come after the Daily Kos community (and lost).

He’s also running for president as an independent after being unceremoniously tossed aside by the Democratic Party. So how’s that going for him?

Not well.

Kennedy is a well-known liar, and the saga of his vice-presidential pick is exhibit A. On March 18, he said he would never pick a running mate “based on how much money they have.” A month later, he handpicked philanthropist Nicole Shanahan, ex-wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, based on how much money she had (reportedly over $1 billion). She had already donated $4 million to Kennedy’s super PAC to air that infamous Super Bowl ad that stole from John F. Kennedy’s 1960 ad.

It was estimated that Kennedy needed to spend $15 million to get on the ballot in just 12 states, and was lagging far behind the fundraising of President Joe Biden ($306 million as of May 21) and Donald Trump ($244 million). Shanahan’s pocketbook was just too irresistible to pass up.

Indeed, this withering article in The Washington Post effectively highlighted how irrelevant Shanahan was to the campaign trail, headlining the piece, “RFK’s strange non-relationship with his VP pick.” He had no clue what she was doing, where she was going, what media she was doing, or really, anything about her. The campaign has done nothing to coordinate her message with Kennedy’s, nor apparently even coach her.
Thing is, Shanahan’s money didn’t change everything, nor, apparently, anything. “Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign is on financial life support,” wrote Politico in a hilarious piece, noting that his campaign would be in debt without a $10 million infusion from Shanahan. But that is far from what he needs to be a proper spoiler.
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It's bad policy because it would amount to a massive tax increase on the poor and middle class. Tariffs are taxes on foreign goods. If you thought inflation was bad before when it peaked in June 2022 people have seen nothing yet. Sales/flat taxes and tariffs are regressive to consumers unlike progressive income taxes.

MAGA media support Trump's “deranged” plan to use tariffs to replace income tax​

Replacing income tax revenue with tariffs would be a huge lower-income and middle class tax increase

This premise aged like milk:

Opinion: Here’s why Trump will reject a flat tax (April 2024)​

There’s a very simple reason why he’s going to dismiss the idea[: it's unpopular and expensive]​


Trump and the idiots that surround him want something worse than this.
Kennedy hadn’t hit CNN’s polling threshold of 15% in at least four approved national polls, having only reached that mark in three surveys ahead of the deadline. He also fell short of the network’s ballot criteria, which required candidates to secure access in enough states to win 270 electoral votes, a significant task for a third party at this point in the election cycle.

According to an NBC News analysis, Kennedy is currently on the ballot in 10 states, but is held up in verification status or application windows in a handful of others.

Kennedy’s absence from the stage next week will be a blow to his long-shot campaign as he seeks to gain ground on the presumptive major party nominees.
The 15% threshold is fair.

And Kennedy would be there if he was a better candidate.
Man, RFK sure sounds like Trump when he doesn't get his way.
A new AARP survey found 84% of voters ages 50 and over say they are extremely motivated to vote in this election, compared to 63% of voters under 50, making these older voters a critical voting bloc for candidates to consider while campaigning.

The survey also found the presidential race among these older voters is very close. Donald Trump leads among voters 50-plus, with 45% saying they will vote for him compared to 41% for Biden.

However, when disaggregated, President Biden leads by five points among voters 65 and over, while Trump leads by thirteen points among voters 50–64.


You never know how something like this will turn out, but preparation is always the best approach; unless you're a narcissistic know it all who can just be lazy and skate into anything.

When I was at the University of California, I was lucky enough to have a professor who specialized in statistical analysis take me under his wing. He once told me that if you didn't prepare for a test until the last minute, the best approach would be to get a good night of sleep.
Sounds like this might be the most expensive Presidental run to date on both sides. Geez...
I heard a prediction about the debates.

Trump and Biden are going to compete over who loves Israel the most. That will be a dominant issue.

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