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Hope he's just as bad during the debate so everyone can see he's lost it.
If June 2024 isnt clear on that, then people just dont want to see it.
Simple as that.
If by now anybody still believes Trump is sane and fit to be president, then no debate can change that.
I can not imagine Biden or Trump getting away from a Debate looking good.
They're both very strong debators.

From memory, so were Vivek Ramaswamy, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Less impressive: Marco Rubio, John McCain
This is all meant to set high expectations for Biden. He went from not being able to put a sentence together to a good debater. Biden has a lot of institutional knowledge, but he has a hard time expressing himself. Trump is essentially a blowhard who relies on quips and one liners with very little detail to be had.
What do you notice about Larry Hogan's campaign signs?

He's the GOP Senate candidate in Maryland.

I actually laughed at this pseudoscience because it's typical of a lot of garbage coming out right now.

Hogan is a Republican endorsed by Donald Trump but is pretending to be neither of those things or at least trying to downplay them...because it's Maryland not Florida.

President Joe Biden’s plans for the economy are much better than those of Donald Trump, according to a new study from Moody's Analytics.

If Trump wins and can implement his plans, including extending his tax cuts for millionaires and tariffs on imported goods, Moody’s expects America to tumble into a recession in 2025. Long term, Trump’s announced economic plans would depress economic growth and drive up prices.

Everything would be made worse under a “Republican sweep scenario” where Republicans capture Congress as well as the White House and enable Trump’s other plans, such as a mass deportation of immigrants. Under that scenario, Moody’s sees not just a prolonged slowdown in the economy, but a sharp increase in inflation and interest rates.

On the other hand, if Biden wins, inflation is expected to drop below 2% while the economy continues steady growth.

Trump's plan for mass deportation would choke an already tight labor market, making it hard for companies to find workers. That could be good for remaining laborers in some jobs, as companies are forced to fight over a shortage of workers. But for everyone else that would mean increased inflation and product shortages.

The shortage of immigrant workers could hit agricultural production especially hard. Florida’s efforts to limit immigrant workers on farms in that state are already generating “ghost towns” where farmers are unable to find the help they need and a major industry has been disrupted. If Trump were to take such policies nationwide and carry through on anti-immigrant threats, Americans might see the nation’s abundance of food that is produced in this country—an abundance that means they spend less of their income on food than any other country—sharply reduced.

“Biden’s policies are better for the economy,” Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics told USA Today. “They lead to more growth and less inflation.”
He isn't living in the real world.
American airports are indeed awful compared to standards in e.g. Asia. A lot of people know this. There are issues such as a lack of charging ports, delayed flights, ridiculously long lines at customs, and the insides of the planes are themselves uncomfortable.

My general experience is that the small regional airports are very good in the USA, but the large international ones don't scale well. Except Dallas and Atlanta, they're ok.

I doubt Trump has an actual solution for it, but him talking about it and other people saying "no, our airports are great !" will bring him voters, because people don't like to be gaslit.

That said there are some airports even worse than the big ones in the US. I was recently in Heathrow (London), that was quite the dump. There was a big juxtaposition where they couldn't afford enough janitors to clean the toilets, but they were selling lots of $5,000 handbags.
He sounds like a deranged idiot.
I hope Trump crashes and burns.

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