Discussion: LGBTQ+ Rights XVI - Part 6

That’s pretty incredible actually. Some of the Wayans have had some issues with lgbtiq issues, just because of the way they’ve been brought up, so to have such a big change is incredible and proves progress is possible
I think what it shows is that some people don't exhibit a lot of understanding about people until the issue is in their own backyard. I'm not slamming the family in general, but I have noticed how attitudes change when people have loved ones (family or otherwise) who are LGBTQ. I "think" one of the reasons that LGBTQ issues advanced much more quickly than a lot of us expected is because so many brave souls came out publicly. It helped to erase a lot of the ignorance and stereotypes that had built up in the prior decades.
Why would anyone vote this man back into office? Insanity.
If those kids were american, they would have shot up their school.

They need some serious psychological help.
I'm trying to think if there's a less likable person. I'm not talking about their policies (although that does color my opinion), but mean just their personalities......Gaetz maybe? DeSantis?? MTG?? Maybe some actors out there?? It's hard to come up with people.....
Only a small percentage ever detransition and without sports.

They’re just running their tired and busted de-gay propaganda and conversion therapy book on trans people now.

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