Discussion: Online Piracy, Net Neutrality, Killswitch, and Other Internet Issues II

Governments need to act stop Microsoft's (and others) digital industrial espionage.

This Hacker Tool Extracts All the Data Collected by Windows’ New Recall AI​

Windows Recall takes a screenshot every five seconds. Cybersecurity researchers say the system is simple to abuse—and one ethical hacker has already built a tool to show how easy it really is.

And govts whine about TikTok but Microsoft is 10 times worse.
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Megan Thee Stallion fights back tears over possible release of AI-generated sex tape​

This type of AI generated crap makes me sick. People suicide over this all the time. :(
Can’t spell ‘inauthentic’ without the letters AI.

That’s the primary use of it, along with spyware/copyright trampling these companies do to facilitate it.
Can’t spell ‘inauthentic’ without the letters AI.

That’s the primary use of it, along with spyware/copyright trampling these companies do to facilitate it.

OpenAI has appointed Paul M. Nakasone, a retired general of the US Army and a former head of the National Security Agency (NSA), to its board of directors, the company announced on Thursday.

Nakasone, who was nominated to lead the NSA by former President Donald Trump, directed the agency from 2018 until February of this year. Before Nakasone left the NSA, he wrote an op-ed supporting the renewal of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the surveillance program that was ultimately reauthorized by Congress in April.

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Google is working on a new feature in Chrome that gives artificial intelligence control over a user's browsing history. Chrome users may then interact with the AI when they run searches in their browsing history.
Good news is that the feature can be turned off or on in Chrome. Whether it is enabled by default or not remains to be seen. It would probably go against GDPR in the EU, if it would be turned on automatically.

Google image search is serving users AI-generated images of celebrities in swimsuits and not indicating that the images are AI-generated. In a few instances, even when the search terms do not explicitly ask for it, Google image search is serving AI-generated images of celebrities in swimsuits, but the celebrities are made to look like underage children. If users click on these images, they are taken to AI image generation sites, and in a couple of cases the recommendation engines on these sites leads users to AI-generated nonconsensual nude images and AI-generated nude images of celebrities made to look like children.

The news is yet another example of how the tools people have used to navigate the internet for decades are overwhelmed by the flood of AI-generated content even when they are not asking for it and which almost exclusively use people’s work or likeness without consent. At times, the deluge of AI content makes it difficult for users to differentiate between what is real and what is AI-generated.

I discovered that Google image search was doing this completely by accident. Jason was reporting his story about how fan pages of Taylor Swift and other celebrities on Facebook have been taken over by images bestiality and scams and we were trying to check whether an image of Taylor Swift sticking her tongue out was AI-generated or edited. To find it, I typed the search term “taylor swift beach sunglasses tongue out,” which pulled up a couple of AI-generated images on the Google image search tab. One, pulled from a Japanese Pinterest page which included a number of other AI-generated images of Swift, looked fairly realistic. The other, pulled from an AI-image generation site called Neural Love, included a bunch of typical AI-generated deformities and was clearly fake.

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Anybody that has spent any time on YouTube (or social media in general): no s***.

Even if you proactively click the options for 'hide this channel', 'not interested', or delete the selected watch history the stench will hang around in your future recommends.

Proton, an industry leader in digital privacy, and creator of one the best VPNs, has announced a big change in the way that it operates. It's going the non-profit route.

The newly created Proton Foundation is now the main shareholder for the Proton group, with its "legally binding purpose" aiming to further the "advancement of privacy, freedom, and democracy around the world."

Now in its tenth year, the company has advocated for digital freedom since its inception. Further enhancing its credentials, the foundation can even count the man who invented the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, amongst its board members.
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The FTC issued a statement on Tuesday saying its investigations “uncovered reason to believe” that TikTok and its parent company ByteDance, are “violating or are about to violate the law.” The commission says the violations (or would-be violations) are of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) and the FTC Act but didn’t provide specifics. Also, the statement mentions how making this action public is something the FTC doesn’t normally do, but it determined that it was in the public’s interest to release the statement. So, we’re letting you know that they think you should know.

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