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Discussion: Racism - Part 4

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The Daily Beast - Fully Unhinged ‘Dilbert’ Guy Tells White People to ‘Get the **** Away’ From Black People

Pro-Trump cartoonist Scott Adams pulled the mask all the way off this week, declaring on his podcast that white people should “get the hell away from Black people” while labeling African-Americans as a “hate group.”

Adams, who has written the satirical office comic strip Dilbert for more than three decades, said during his Coffee with Scott Adams online video program that current polling proves that there is “no fixing” the current racial tension in America and that whites should live in largely segregated neighborhoods.
Good to see people are finally realizing how much of a bigot Adams is. Trying to gaslight people into believing he didn't say what he said on actual video is a move though.
Good to see people are finally realizing how much of a bigot Adams is. Trying to gaslight people into believing he didn't say what he said on actual video is a move though.
Well now they'll be able to use the excuse of "deep fakes", some of them legitimately. :(
He's now whining about losing his "free speech" rights rather than what is happening: consequences for his racist comments. Does that mean I can have a nationally syndicated strip and whine about dumb **** he and other Republicans do without them trying to get my comic removed too?
Bloomberg News - Musk Deflects Criticism of Dilbert Cartoonist’s Racist Comments
  • Scott Adams said White Americans should avoid Black people
  • Twitter CEO calls media racist after papers drop comic strip
Musk waded into the controversy, first by responding to Adams, who quote-tweeted a Washington Post columnist encouraged by the newspaper dropping Dilbert. “What exactly are they complaining about?” Musk asked in a post he later deleted.

When another account on the social network Musk owns spoke out against coverage of Adams, Musk replied: “The media is racist.”

“For a *very* long time, US media was racist against non-white people, now they’re racist against whites & Asians,” Musk said in another post. “Same thing happened with elite colleges & high schools in America. Maybe they can try not being racist.”

Musk unsettled many Black users of Twitter Inc. last year by repeatedly saying past management had gone too far in moderating content on the platform, and had infringed on free speech as a result.

Shortly after taking over the company, he made fun of #StayWoke t-shirts he found at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters that dated back to the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Tesla Inc. is facing a lawsuit by the California Civil Rights Department that accuses the company of engaging in a pattern of racial harassment and bias at its electric-vehicle factory. Tesla published a blog post responding to the allegations before the agency filed suit in February 2022.

In June, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a cause finding against Tesla that closely parallels California’s allegations, according to the company. Tesla said last month that it was in the process of setting up a mandatory mediation with the federal agency.


Adams has also been an open bigot for many years.
He also said last year that parents should kill troubled young men.
Define troubled? Would back talking earn a death sentence?
Elon Musk was raised in appartheid South Africa, so you know he is a virulent racist.
Pretty sure Dave Matthews was too, and he's quite the opposite. Though perhaps being a musician makes you more open.....

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